Monday 30 July 2012

In memory of

A year ago on 14th February 2011 my father in law passed away; it all happened very quickly but we had our time to say goodbye.  We were coming up to the first anniversary that February and this, plus my rapidly growing interest in trollbeads were both on my mind.

On 1st February 2012 Trollbeads released a Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund bead, it wasn't limited edition, just very hard to get hold of as it's a very hard bead to make.

Did I mention that all trollbeads are made by hand by individual artisans who create each bead that you buy?

As my father in law was in the RAF, this seemed the perfect bead to remember him by, the timing was quite perfect and I received my RAFBF bead shortly after the anniversary.  

When I have this bead on my bracelet it always gives me a great sense of joy and comfort, yes it's just a bead, but it always makes me smile when I see it and the memories that it evokes.

My Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund Bead, probably one of the most special beads (to me) in my collection

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