Monday 30 July 2012

The Bubbles

Now I've mentioned before I was having trouble with Black Squirrel, I'd bought it early on as it was recently retired and I wanted to get it before it was gone.

However I was never 100% happy that I had it with the right beads, so much so that when I finished my first bracelet I felt it wasn't quite right so I bought Organic Bubbles to replace it, so in fact Black Squirrel became recently retired off my bracelet too.

All beads are unique by the fact they are handmade even when they are catalogue beads, here are my Azure Bubbles and Organic Bubbles next to each other.  Organic Bubbles is very similar to Azure Bubbles but is in brown glass rather than clear glass.

L-R: Azure Bubbles, Organic Bubbles (side view)

L-R: Azure Bubbles, Organic Bubbles (front view)

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