Thursday 26 July 2012

The beginning

It started with a friend, naturally.

She had been talking about these trollbead things, it was all very mysterious, why I didn't google the word I don't know... I actually waited until we saw each other in the August (2011) to find out what these trollbead things were.

I fell in love with her silver bracelet and pretty beads, there were only a few, she explained that each one had a story and meaning, her own started... well I'll let her tell you that story one day.

For me, it got me thinking about having my own bracelet one day and I wanted to share my friend's journey too, you see that visit was my first visit with her after her diagnosis of cancer.  I loved the design of the bracelet, lock and beads regardless, but my first introduction was also an emotional one too and looking back quite appropriate to what trollbeads are all about and why people are so passionate about them.

So that was my beginning, I didn't actually buy my first bracelet, lock and bead until the following February... during August I had just finished one temping contract and you don't start an expensive habit between contracts!

Such self control back then... it all went to pot once I'd started collecting; but at least I had a regular income by February!

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