Sunday 3 January 2016

New Year's Bead Resolutions - 2016

I wasn't totally sure about writing a list this year, I didn't feel as if I had any particularly firm ideas about potential 2016 bead resolutions.

In 2015 I only had two resolutions - but both of which worked out surprisingly well... and as the whole making your own beads thing went wildly beyond any expectations I'd had at the start of 2015, I figured maybe two is enough?

So I sat down today to have a think...

My New Year's Bead Resolutions 2016
  • To become a better beadmaker - this is a little vague and broad at the moment.  It's been spurred on by a rather unsatisfying session I had on New Years Day at the torch, where I learnt I not only can't bead and talk, but that not beadmaking for 4 weeks does make a really big difference to what I can produce!  I'm fairly sure this resolution is much more than become a more consistent beadmaker, although I'd like to do that too, along with learning a whole host of techniques that I'm spectacularly bad at, at the moment!  Perhaps this will morph into mini goals as the year progresses, we shall see!

  • To spend less in 2016 than I did in 2015 - This is my repeated bead resolution, I've actually achieved it every year, so it's not because I can't reduce my spending... and I am starting to get into the ball park of what I'd like to be spending on beads per year, not what I actually spend. So I've kept it in for another year as a reminder that I'm not quite there just yet.

  • To share more of my beadmaking journey - I've not really done this much apart from where the blog naturally crosses over with my beadmaking e.g. my Element bracelet where I wanted to make a glass set to go with my silvers.  I've been promising to do this more lately, so I'm going to set it as one of my resolutions to talk specifically about beadmaking, and learning to make glass beads, from my point of view.  As I'm writing this down, I think it might help me with No.1 too!

Okay, so once I sat down there were actually three resolutions that were waiting to be written, even if one is predictable, one is suitably broad and the other will be a new conversation we can have this year!

I look forward to all our chats and a very Happy New Year from me!

Do you set yourself any resolutions, bead or otherwise?  Feel free to share!

P.S. - This is the 366th post on Curling Stones for Lego People, and there are 366 days to 2016 as it's a leap year... no significance I just like numbers!