Saturday 8 February 2014

Trollbeads Space - Sky at Night Bangle

I've always liked the 2 tone Trollbeads with silver and gold, but even despite my spending on jewellery in general I always find it difficult to part with the big sums for statement beads.

This is slightly illogical because in some ways when I look at my bead box in hindsight now, there are beads in there that I would happily swap out for those statement beads, but I think this is a natural progression that a lot of collectors go through, first you want variety and lots of choice and once you've achieved that you start to turn your thoughts to those "other" beads you've always admired from afar.

Space is one of those beads, and as it only has a tiny bit of gold it's at the more affordable end of the silver/gold range, ironically I think it's one of the nicest.  I love the gun metal grey beads in the collection and especially those to do with space and the night sky.

I've had an idea for a Sky at Night bangle for a long time and I finally got to make it when Space arrived...

I've always counted myself very lucky to have found 2 Navy Galaxies; even now, knowing how lucky I was (timing and a wonderful trollfairy), I would still love to have more!  Those Galaxies, paired with Blue Goldstone, and the two silver and gold planet themed beads have finally allowed me to finish that Sky at Night bangle I've been dreaming of.


  1. You've done a really superb job capturing the night sky with those beads! I was on the fence about getting a blue goldstone, but now that I see your I may have to have another look at my LD next month. Although I don't have the lovely galaxies to go with it!

    It's too bad they don't make more of the gunmetal grey beads, they do have a wonderful texture to them.

    1. Thanks Tracy, I've had this design buzzing around my head for ages but I needed Space to finally complete it - I only have 1 Blue Goldstone myself but I really must rectify that especially as it's retiring this year.


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