Monday 30 July 2012

Oh my word what have I started?

I had barely been home 4 hours after my first purchase when I placed my first online order with the Platinum retailer in my area...

I wanted some glass beads to go with my lucky dragon, and after doing some research I also wanted:

2 silver bead stoppers, these perform a dual function of safety - they stop beads falling off your bracelet and aesthetics - they allow you to space the beads, or in my case wear a few beads but keep them together rather than rolling around your bracelet when it's not full.  A lot of people like moving the beads around but I wanted mine together.

The safety element was a theme running through that purchase as I also bought a silver safety chain (stops the bracelet falling off if the lock becomes undone/fails) and a case to keep them in.

Aesthetically I had great fun in choosing 4 beads from the Birthday and Christmas money I had been saving up to buy a new laptop... yes that's right it was another 5 months before I got the lovely laptop that I'm typing up this blog on!

So which beads did I go for?

L-R: Silver stopper, Forest Flowers, Lake Eye, Lucky Dragon, Milky Way, Midnight Flower, Silver stopper.
Shown on top of the trollbead travel case with silver safety chain in the background

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