Tuesday 31 July 2012

Finally I find a leather I like!

Now alongside all of this bead collecting I'd realised after I'd bought the Agate Kits that I had enough beads for a second bracelet.

Trollbeads also make leather bracelets and I thought this would be a good idea, it's different to my silver one, it solves the problem of everyday wear (a full bracelet for me means I can't type or write easily as I rest my right wrist when I do so on whatever I'm working, and I wear a watch on my left wrist so swapping didn't make sense) and I think leather can look more casual, bonus.

Easy I thought, I'll nip down to Beaverbrooks again and get measured, try some different colours and away I go!  I'd already decided to limit myself to just the bracelet and not get another lock just yet... well if my willpower held out that is!

Not so, leather bracelets come in 3 sizes, I thought this would make life easier.  I popped into my local shop, but the assistant wasn't sure what sizes they had, just that they didn't have all of them.  No problem says I, I'll try what you've got in blue or green please.  Ah second issue, we only have black or brown in stock.  Okay, I'll try those (probably don't want to buy them but best try).  I'm not sure what size it was but it swamped my wrist (I have really small wrists) and neither colour suited me as well as I'd hoped.  So I left empty handed (now that's a first).

I debated whether to buy online but really didn't want to buy blind, with beads I'm fairly sure I'll like them and I like the surprise of the differences, it's like an extra gift, but didn't want to risk it with a bracelet.

Coming home from working away one day I passed near to the Platinum Retailer in my area, sorted I'll pop in there then.

The shop was trollbead heaven, I enquired about leather bracelets, they had small sizes in everything bar the blue and green, but it did at least mean I could try the sizes out.  Hurrah the small was just right!

Encouraged by this I set about looking for all the beads I was interested in but wanted to see before I bought (mostly the more expensive ones or ones I wasn't sure about completely).  I ordered a few things to try, checking out that it would be okay to buy online for the loyalty points, assistant was really lovely about it all.

A week later and I popped back to try on my bracelets, so glad I did as the green did not suit my skin tone at all, the blue was perfect so I left with it there and then, sod the wait, it was Friday and I wanted to wear it out straight away!

My long awaited blue leather (small) bracelet with L-R: RAFBF, Beach, Turquoise Agate, OOAK.

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