Saturday 11 March 2017

Seven of Nine - Hammered Bangle & Stoppers from Cottingley Treasures

Well after some enthusiastic letterbox camping on my part, I was duly rewarded with my 7th bangle; my very first package from Cottingley Treasures from GirleGo.

A beautiful hammered silver bangle with matching stoppers, with an extra set of mini-stoppers for good measure - I love wearing multiple stoppers!

I'm a bit of a sucker for well packaged jewellery that's "just right" and not excessive and this ticked all my boxes, everything was beautifully presented without being over the top.

Not only did I get half my stoppers for free (in an introductory deal whereby a refund is given on the original purchase price) but they also sent out a free amber bead, and a cleaning cloth as a part of the package which was a fabulous surprise.

I was keen to compare this with my current bangles which are all by Trollbeads, as I know that particular shape and size work well for me.

Comparing Bangles

The photos above show from Left to Right, my Cottingley Treasures hammered bangle on top of my smooth silver bangle, my hammered bangle next to twisted copper and smooth silver bangles, and finally one of my smooth bangles on top of my hammered bangle.

As you can see from the pictures the shape and sizing is almost identical, and from wearing this over the last couple of week, it's also just as comfortable.

I used the lovely free amber bead from GirleGo with my Trollbeads Decorative Bee Stoppers and paired with my Eske Storm Dragon Claw on some smooth bangles.

I've seen a lot of positive social media chatter about these bangles over the last month or so, indeed it was thanks to a UK based facebook group that I had come across the brand.

GirleGo are still offering the introductory price and stopper deal throughout March on these bangles.

I liked my hammered silver bangle so much, that after a few scant hours of testing (passed with flying colours) and where I gave myself a good talking to about budgets and sticking to my limits, I threw away my restraint and ordered the brass and copper hammered versions too!

Guess I need to do some more letterbox camping...

So what have you thrown away your restraint for recently?