Monday 30 July 2012

To match or not to match?

The next bead was bought for a number of reasons, it was one of the 3 that made up the set with Silver Mountain and Earth but mainly I bought it for it's colour and to balance out Black Squirrel on my bracelet; which up to now was mostly blues and greens so I felt I needed another brown/gold bead to even things out a bit.

Now matching is not that important, my friend who introduced me to trollbeads has the most random selection on hers which looks great as they are all different.  However I think because I'd chosen mostly blues and greens I did need to think about balance at this point in my collection.

Ironically I should have realised at this point that my collecting was about to get out of control and that I needn't have worried about "balance" as soon I would have more than enough to work the colours in anyway!

Golden Cave to balance out my bracelet and to join Silver Mountain,.
I love these two beads and will be adding Earth at some point in the future.

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