Sunday 1 October 2017

Busy not Dead

Hello lovely Curling Stones for Lego People friends... is there anyone out there still?

I was really tempted to leave just the title up for comic effect, but I figured that was way too mean... I was glad my last post was about Curling Stones on Instagram, as if anyone does follow me  there you'll have realised that I am indeed in the land of the living, or at least the snoozing.

As fun as it is to post pictures on the go, sometimes I have the urge to write a bit more than just hashtags, sooo...

What did I get up to? Well first there was a glass course in all things sparkly with Trudi from the Glittering Prize, followed by a festival, well technically 3 festivals in a week... brilliant but oh so tiring!

First time glamping at a Festival after 30 years of tents and buses!

The second festival was Flame Off  where I blew glass with Josh and Ann from Hen Ogledd Glass, made some amazing class beads with the lovely Jenny from Raspberry Rings, had my first go at Metal Clay with Tracey at Craftworx, caught up with glassy friends and immersed myself in glass generally down in Uttoexeter.  (That first link by the way is to the 2018 Flame Off and if you fancy a nice day out I thoroughly recommend it).

Photos of things I made over the 2017 Flame Off Event

This was interspersed with LOTS of gigs, a reunion of sorts, an amazing glass course down at a studio south of Bristol.  Unfortunately I was really ill with lurgy but due to the way cancellation fees worked for both my course and hotel I decided to attend - best decision ever!

Work in Progress Photos

My course Working with Images in Glass has kicked off quite a spurt of making fused glass using these techniques as part of my alter ego over at Born of Fire - Beads & Glass.  I've been doing a lot of commissions, and as several of them are for Christmas presents I can't show them on the blog publicly, but these are a few of the ones that aren't Christmas Presents!

Finished pieces inspired by, or made on my course

I ticked off a bucket list item by seeing Marc Almond perform at Pride, had another trip to Wales, wrote my car off, enjoyed another festival, bought a car, hired a car, sold a car and continued to be busy with another Glass Festival, The International Festival of Glass in Stourbridge and a Glass Course with the lovely Gay from Gaysie May.

2017 International Festival of Glass in Stourbridge

I may write about the Festival another day, I was really blown away by the whole experience and next time, which will be 2019 as it's every two years, I'm definitely doing all 4 days.

Phew! No wonder there was no time for writing!  So that was me...

Say hi if you're here, and tell me how you are?