Tuesday 21 April 2015

R is for Red

Red, I've heard, can be quite a hard colour to get right when working glass, I love true red beads!

These are most of the true red beads I have from Trollbeads (a bead brand).

Beads 1&2 and 6&7 are what we call production beads (that you can buy all year round) and like many a bead addict I have multiples of these. Well my theme is Addicted to Beads, what else would a bead addict do?!

The 3 beads in the middle are uniques; they're not strictly unique as you can probably find others like them but they are not made in big numbers or to a set pattern so are not production beads that form part of the permanent collection.

In my own experiments in glass I've yet to pluck up the courage to buy any red transparent glass but I do wish to master red one day... probably once I've learnt how to make a neat, non-wonky bead!!

What advanced skill would you love to learn once you've mastered the basics?


  1. I like the bead with the slightly darker spots on the right.

    The skill I need to master is marketing - being an indie author, I have to do my own publicitiy and I'm still at the basic level (as you would say, I'm making wonky beads ;P), my attempts are hit and miss, but the more marketing I do, the better I'm getting at judging my market, so I'll find the key eventually!
    Sophie's Thoughts & Fumbles
    Wittegen Press

    1. Good luck with the marketing, that sounds very like beadmaking, the more I do the better it's becoming, my beads were less obviously wonky this time around (still wonky but you couldn't spot that from the other side of the room this week).

      I love the true red beads, they are so far and few between - definitely need more lessons before even attempting red!

      Mars xx


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