Sunday 23 June 2013

Silvers on Sunday ~ Redbalifrog

I've been a fan of Redbalifrog from afar for many months.  I was first introduced to the brand by seeing gorgeous silver beads on my friends' Trollbead bracelets, getting really excited, asking "What's that?" and the answer was nearly *always* Redbalifrog!

Redbalifrog Sea Horse and Nautilus Shell with Sea Urchin in the background (next to the stopper)

Oddly enough by a strange quirk of fate I've just had an almost identical conversation about the Sea Horse as I was writing this blog, I hope this means by blogging Redbalifrog on a predominantly Trollbead based blog there may be a few more fans by the end!

Redbalifrog are based in Australia and have this to say on their website...
"All our beads and jewellery are original pieces... 
They are carved in wax by Yande, who after years in the jewellery trade as a sculptor achieves the most amazing detail.  A single design can take days to complete and is then hand-cast and finished in solid 925 silver. 
You will be happy to know that your purchase from *redbalifrog* helps to financially support a number of extremely grateful and wonderful families in Ubud, Bali. 
We are thrilled that our designs are now being enjoyed by so many people all over the world..."
So let's take a closer look at those beads on my bracelet.

L-R side view: Nautilus Shell, Sea Horse, Sea Urchin

Other side of the beads, the detailing is superb

"Front" view of beads

"Back" view of beads

What I can't convey easily with photos is just how much silver is in these beads, the weight was very, very noticeable when they arrived, for 3 beads that all cost less than a Price 1 silver Trollbead per bead, the weight and size were surprising.  What I noticed next as I took them out of the Redbalifrog bag was that the detailing was even better in reality, hopefully that is something you can see in the photos above.

Overall I've been even happier with my first Redbalifrog beads than I thought I could possibly be, and I thought I was going to be pretty pleased to start with!  These three certainly won't be my only beads from Redbalifrog, as not only am I still lusting after that Dragon lock ever since Victoria blogged about it over on Endangered Trolls, but I've already picked out a few more choice beads ready for my next Tax refund splurge...

You can buy Redbalifrog directly from their website, or from Perlen by following this link.


  1. That's me done for, I've half-heartedly looked before, your pics sent me rushing to the sight - 9 purchased! I'm so weak! Thank you for the lovely pics and the info which caused my stupidity. x

  2. Wow Kay, that's so fab! What did you go for?

    I don't think you'll be disappointed by your purchases, Amanda's designs are fab and they are so well executed into the gorgeous silver beads... Can't wait to hear what you've chosen! (Will probably be pestering you for your photos!)

    I'm so glad that others are discovering this brand too along with me, do I need to fan you back to reality after your splurge?

    Mars xx


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