Wednesday 27 February 2013

Tsunami of Beads (continued)

Next to arrive was another Colourful Joy bead, pink this time, from the luck and joy starter bracelets...

Then via a Bristol trollfairy came some preloved beads from the US, another Milan and the smallest, cutest, most difficult to photograph ooak... none of the photos I took quite show the ooak right which is dark green in daylight with small glitter "flatter than usual" bumps.  I've had 2 sessions trying to photograph this ooak but I think I've officially given up for the time being, will have another try when I reorganise my beads but here's the best I could manage in the meantime!

So now I have 2 Milans; I bought the second one with a particular project in mind... but more about that on another day as I'm still at the prototype stage!

So this was the last but one set of beads from January, I have just one more post to show you before we finish January's Tsunami, and I promise you that it's one that is worth waiting for.


  1. What's next! what's next! you are keeping us in suspenders!! Lovely picture of your 2 milans next to each other!

    1. All will be revealed in tomorrow's post; so you won't have too long to wait in those suspenders... unless you want to of course!

  2. You certainly are awash with beads!!
    Lol at Michael :-)

    1. Most definitely awash (love both yours and Mike's phrases - great word day)... I'd like to report that it abated in February... but I forsee March will be the retelling of February!! I do hope to catch up with myself at some point... maybe April?


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