Thursday 7 February 2013

Retired Silver Mexican Lock

I love this lock and have always kept an eye out for one at a great preloved price, so was really surprised to stumble across a new one in the sales!  I say stumble because the web site was rather clunky to use and I hadn't really seen that many new ones for sale online... perhaps I've not been looking in the right places?!

Most Mexican Locks I've seen have different coloured glass and lots of colours, mine has green on both sides which I rather like.  Although this lock is retired, the gold version is still available in the current collection.

I wasted no time at all in ordering this, I still can't believe I was able to aquire a new one at a sale price, and to the lock's credit my live-in geek even expressed how nice this was... the highest praise indeed - reserved for only the most special of pieces!


  1. You know, I have never looked very closely at my Mexico Lock, but when Alison posted pictures of hers I thought it looked different, and now looking at your pictures I have just had to go back and check mine!
    It is definately the same, but mine has 2 purpley/blue glass peices (With a slight hint of green on the edge of one)

    1. I adore this lock, out of all my locks it's my favourite. I would love to see more locks that aren't animal/flower designs in the collection. Mexican Lock reminds me of a lot of more Gothic or Steam Punk jewellery, probably why I like it so much!

      I would definitely love to have multiples of this one and I really like the sound of yours... both purpley/blue sounds great! I was surprised when mine came as I had assumed they were all yellow/orange one side and blue/purple the other but it seems there is more variety than I thought.

      Would love the see the photos of yours, are there any your blog?

      Mars x


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