Tuesday 12 February 2013

New Year's Bead Resolution No. 1 - Amber beads, the beginning!

The first of my New Year's Bead Resolutions was to start collecting Amber beads.

I already had 1, the World Tour Baltic Gold which gets a lot of use in my bracelet combinations but I wanted to start collecting more with a view to making a full amber bracelet.

Early on in January I picked out my second amber bead.  It is quite large (much bigger than standard production glass beads) and came all the way from Denmark, but 2 ambers does not a bracelet make!

The hunt was on...


  1. Ha, ha, ha... so many people who love ambers. I have 1, 1 special one... from people's bead 2012 which the finalists received on their bracelet. It is the only amber I have but very special to me. Enjoy the amber hunt... LOL

    1. I love amber jewellery so I guess it came as no surprise to me that I would eventually start my amber trollbead collection. Initially as they are more expensive than production glass I guess I've avoided it more from a cost point of view than anything else.

      However one of the great things about putting together a list at the start of the year was that I sat down and really thought about what I wanted to achieve this year with my collecting and for once I actually thought about a bracelet I wanted to make, and collect for... this is actually the first time I've done this from scratch.

  2. Mars, once you start collecting the uniques ambers, it becomes almost an obsession. They are so many different varieties, barrel, wheel, hexagon, zig zag, glitter, that you feel you HAVE to have at least one of all the varieties......I STILL don't have a wheel amber.....but I will, one day!! Good luck in your quest, and have fun hunting them down

    1. I can imagine, what's the difference between a wheel and a barrel, is it just down to thickness size?

      I love your "odd" shaped ones, are those zigzags? I know I quite like the glittery ones and less the ones that look like vaseline (the semi-translucent ones not the opaque milky ones).

      I haven't come to a complete decision on the rough pitted ones yet! I can see that this will get out of hand ;) Steady as she goes!!


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