Tuesday 26 February 2013

The Tsunami of Beads continues...

The next wave of beads in my January Tsunami of Beads was a preloved silver snow bead and an unusual Harequin.

I've been after snow for a while and missed out in a recent sale to snag a new one so I positively pounced when I saw this one, relieved to finally get my mitts on one.  The Harelequin is 'almost' a glitter bead but it is so fine that under normal line of sight it takes on an olive hue with great bumpies!

It must have been the month for Harlequins as the wave that followed contained a particularly luscious example of one along with a beautiful glitter dot bead, both green of course!  The glitter dot bead was another raffle bead that I won the opportunity to buy (it was a lucky month, or unlucky if you're my poor old boiler that struggles on!)

Green Harlequin and Green Glitter Dottie beads

With 2 new Harlequins arriving it seemed like an appropriate moment to take a photo of them together with my old ones; I could have sworn I had more than 4 altogether but I think that was just wishful thinking on my part?!

Then I had the idea of taking a photo of all my white/cream based beads together, I don't have many of these compared to other styles but I did wonder how close I was to being able to do a whole bracelet of them?

All my white based beads, although technically my turtle is cream.

I'd like to say I stopped buying at this point, but I'm sure you can guess that that didn't actually happen...

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