Saturday 16 February 2013

Spectacular mail days! (Part 1 - the OOAK)

Like most people I love receiving packages in the mail, and as I buy many beads from overseas (as well as the UK), I never quite know when they're going to arrive, and in what order... it becomes a bit of a lottery as to what will arrive first and I love surprises.

This is the first post of three that spanned only 2 days and what made it spectacular wasn't just the beads (although they are ALL stunners) but all the surprise extra bits and pieces that were included in with the beads.  How to turn a great package into a spectacular one!

There was a tote bag, pouch and some sweets!

The most important part of the package, the bead itself!

This photo always makes me smile, I half expected the next heart to read
"more trollbead!" to make a pair of hearts...
I should market this; it's a great idea!
(Don't forget you saw it here first)

This bead came from a "raffle" where you put your name in for the chance to be able to buy this bead.  I'm not normally a fan of the paler pastel shaded beads but this one really caught my eye.  It has a white opaque core, encased in clear glass, with a repeating soft mint green with a lilac outline leaf shape pattern all around the bead and is reminiscent of a garland of leaves.  I was delighted with my bead!


  1. I want to read part 2 please, great bead btw

    1. Your wish... is my command! *done with a flourishing sweeping bow, oh and the sweeping aside of my cape (took me ages to find the cape!)

      How can I refuse, seeing as I'm a bit excited about these 3 posts myself... and I know what's coming!


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