Saturday 9 February 2013

Ribbon Beads

Whilst the kits that Rose Ribbon and Turquoise Ribbon come from are being retired, these two beads have survived the recent cull and you will still be able to buy them individually.  £3 of the purchase price when bought new goes to Cancer Research UK and although I didn't buy these two new, this is a charity I've supported in the past.  When I have a spare few pounds I'll probably feel the need to donate £6 out of guilt for buying charity beads preloved!!

I snagged Turquoise Ribbon some time ago and I went back to the same seller to acquire Rose Ribbon when I had enough pennies.

I would love to see these beads in a variety of colours as I love the pattern and rather predictably the first colours I thought of would be deep purple and an emerald green!


  1. Other colours would be AWESOME!!!!! I Neeeeeeddd a red, royal blue and that emerald green sounds good too

    1. Red and royal blue also sound great! I love the sideways views on these, quite often wear them on leather just so I can look at them from the side more easily!

    2. Since we've been talking about this I've actually seen an ooak green ribbon bead on a bracelet... they should definitely do more of these in different colours; it looked great!


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