Wednesday 15 June 2016

Meeting myself coming back...

I don't think anyone would be surprised if I mentioned I was a wee bit busy at the moment... it seems to be just what I do these days rather than being anything out of the ordinary!  It does make blogging a tad difficult though... loads of content, not enough time to write about it!

I did almost meet myself coming back at the end of the month due to two epic trips - of the travel kind not the oops accident kind thankfully.

The first trip went without a hitch and a marvellous time was had by all, but the second, which although last minute, should have been relatively straight forward... turned into a large saga.  I don't mind, as I often think some things happen for a reason, and it led to a chance conversation as I was somewhere I wouldn't normally be at that time... which led to another conservation which I had no idea was even possible, which, if any of it goes to plan (ha!), could lead to some exciting opportunities next year - so it's had a very interesting, but totally not expected outcome... nor anything I could have possibly imagined...

...and yes, that will remain cryptic for quite some time, but when I can eventually tell you about it, whether it happens or not, I'll remind you of this post!

In other news, I have been steadily buying bits and pieces, however, unbelievably I'm well on target for my New Year's Bead Resolution of spending less, go me!  Yay for preloved beads, lovely artisan makers and sales with HUGE discounts!

There have been a lot of Skeletons turning up; on X links, bone beads and full skeletons, not THE skeleton though before anyone gets too excited.  I've been a very happy bunny to have so many arrive!  I haven't taken many photos (bad Mars) so I'll just tease you with these two, the X link and the Bone Bead which is my new favourite bead.

One of my big treats was via a sale.  I added the Trollbeads Amethyst and Malachite Fantasy Necklaces to my collection; I'm ashamed to say that after waiting so long for an opportunity to buy them during a sale I've not done much with them... it's the whole meeting myself coming back effect.

I've indulged in some of the new Trollbeads Spacers, or new stoppers, but more on those another day... and I've even bought myself a Pandora Bracelet, well ordered it at least!

Yep, all of this in the last 6 months and I'm still on track, I can barely believe it myself!

What has surprised you this year?
Do you think I'll blow my "half year" budget in the last 2 weeks of the month?!