Thursday 28 February 2013

New Bead Resolution No. 1 - Amber beads, the end! (...for now)

So 9 ambers and a half amber bracelet later and it was all coming together very nicely.  Then my bead compulsion kicked in big style and I had to finish it... so I did... or so I thought I did...

I'd finished my amber bracelet off with 2 lucky knot beads but when I was looking at these photos I thought I needed a little bit more contrast as I had a lot of mid toned amber beads in this combination and it felt like my faceted ambers overpowered the bracelet slightly.

So along came the next (and final) 2 amber beads to finish this New Year's Bead Resolution.  I love the one that appears light but because it has a brown core it shows up as dark.

  NOW I'm finally ready to finish this bracelet.  

I kept most of the central beads in place but rearranged the rest of them, I'm much happier with it this way and it's already had several trips out, it's a keeper!


  1. Wow, what a golden combination and always so much fun to read your pieces... love it !!!

    1. Thanks Patty, I really love this bracelet!


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