Monday 2 February 2015

X by Trollbeads - Limited Edition Red Rubber Links

Continuing with the red theme from last month; it was time to break out the new X links for a play! Or old X links if you're just ordering the new pink ones!! (Mine are in the post)

Trollbeads Stock Photo of Red and Bronze Starter Bracelet

I'd ordered the red & bronze My Star Starter Bracelet during the pre-order window so that I had it for release day, I was that sure I was going to love the red links.  I wasn't wrong and I ordered extra links as soon as the bracelet arrived.

Er, and then I put them away... for 2 months.  It sounds daft, but I wanted to do them justice and not just throw something together.  However I had no idea just how busy I was going to be in the coming months and that it would take quite so long to come back to them!

I wanted to do 2 red bracelets and 2 black and red bracelets, as well as incorporating my new (to me) much longed for Serpents link, oh and I wanted all 4 bracelets to work together as well as apart, at the same time, mix'n'match - not much to ask for a first session?!

Red, silver and bronze Triple My Star X by Trollbeads Bracelet.

Firstly I created a red, silver and bronze design using the 3 My Star links, (1 bronze, 2 silver) and using some single bronze links to make them stand out a bit more in the bracelet.

Secondly I made a red and silver bracelet using my new (to me) Serpents link and paired this with Lots of Love and Order in Chaos, both beautifully textured double silver links that I use repeatedly in my X bracelets.

L-R: Lots of Love, Serpents, Order in Chaos double silver X by Trollbeads links with the LE red rubber X links.

Now it was time to start on the 2 red and black bracelets.

One was to alternate black and red links in groups of 3's tied with a single silver knot link and one was going to be a half and half mix of blocked colour with a bronze & silver centrepiece of bronze My Heart flanked by a Soundwave link on either side.

Time to put them all together, firstly laid out in a line so you can see all the detail in all 4 bracelets at once.

When I put them on I flip the alternating black and red one (2nd from the top) so that the section that is 3 black/6 red matches up with the black on the other bracelet, and vice versa.

They are laid out in the order I wear them top to bottom, this is deliberate as the stars are bigger links and work well at the bottom framing the piece and the multi-black & red ones in the middle, topped off with my all red/silver combo.

My new quadruple stack of X by Trollbeads Bracelets, featuring red, black, silver and bronze links.

Below is a collection of images of what they look like on my wrist. 

When I put a new X stack on I tend to flick my wrist repeatedly, so it acts like a 4-reel one arm bandit - this way I can see what the stack will look like as the bracelets move throughout the day, and see whether there are any odd looking combinations that don't look quite right.

This stack passed first time with no adjustments... must have been all that thinking time I had in the last 2 months!!

My Red and Black X by Trollbeads Super Stack!

One of the advantages of X by Trollbeads is that it is such a light bracelet system that you can stack 4 high and it's featherlight on your wrists, as well as being much kinder to those of us who need to type during the day (or night)!

The red links are a winner with me, I could see how I would use them immediately when they arrived, and now I've made them up these will get a lot of use.  I'm still on the fence with the LE Ocean Blue Links, they remain pretty static in my jewellery box and are definitely not an everyday colour for me, I shall hang onto them regardless, who knows when inspiration might strike!

The red links were definitely worth the wait... for me!
What do you think?


  1. I'm still waiting to get mine! :D They got bumped down the list a few times, and then I figured at some point I would add them onto an order. But I haven't ordered anything from a dealer that carries X for the last few months. Everything has been locally or through a retailer who doesn't carry the X line. I'm planning on starting with about eight so that I can mix them with my blacks or my metal links.

    I really like your top one with your Serpents, Lots of Love and Order in Chaos! Of course, now I'm mentally calculating whether I really need 12 reds and not eight! With the way that I'm going, it might take me months to get a second round ;)

    1. The coloured X links seem to be the one thing I get organised with straight away, probably because they are both cheaper (20 rubber links for the price of 1 glass bead) and LE - not that I've seen anyone run out of them anytime soon!

      My pink ones arrived today so hopefully won't be waiting 2 months before I play with those!! I must admit I LOVE the campaign bracelet image that just has 1 single focal bead, and 1 single pink link amongst the black - utter genius whoever styled that one!

      I love the red links, still not fussed on the blue despite getting lots, and first impressions of the pink are that I like those too! May take a while to upsurp my red links though, am loving the black and red look!

      Mars xx


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