Wednesday 28 January 2015

Story by Kranz and Ziegler - Red Snakeskin Bracelet & Footprint Charm

Writing down my resolutions earlier this month reminded me of a promise I made to myself a long time ago.

Photo courtesy of Endangered Trolls
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I saw this bracelet on Endangered Trolls back in 2012 and ever since I've really wanted one for myself; I totally adored it.

However, when it came time to choose my own first Story Bracelet, I was far more practical opting for the black lambskin starter bracelet; in all fairness this went with everything I was wearing at the time, and still does, it gets a lot of use!

Late last year a retailer was reducing their stock, both in price and size and as a result I have my own bracelet to admire!

Sadly I believe they are dropping Story as a brand in favour of a cheaper competitor - I used to have 3 stockists quite near me but now I only have 1.  I think I definitely have a thing for Danish brands!  

I've teamed it with another charm from the same sale that's also been on my Wishlist for a few years too - Footprint.  This has often been marketed by some Jewellers as charms for Men, but I never take any notice of whether something has been marketed to a specific gender... I think we can all choose our own jewellery based on our individual tastes.

Story Footprint Charm

I've been wearing this solo for a while, but like all Story Bracelets it's a great stacker too!

Story Red Snakeskin Bracelet with Footprint Charm

I've waited to buy this for two years - it's slipped further and further down my wishlist whilst I chose more practical bracelets first.

Let's just say the wear it's getting now is more than making up for it!

What have you waited years for that was worth the wait?


  1. Ooh, that has been a long time coming then! It looks great though - love the bright colour. I have always been partial to red as well. Although I still covet your multi-strand olive green Story wrap. And it looks like it's discontinued now :(

    But, you have just inspired me to try again to find a dealer near me, as I keep telling myself that I will look at them in person one day. If I knew what size I needed I could at least also look online for sales :D

    1. I wear a 17cm Troll with a 2cm lock, so 19cm in total - in a Story 3 wrap I take a 54cm, this is reasonably snug as you can see from the photos but not tight - as the charms sit tight to the bracelet you don't need the same kind of slack.

      Definitely worth a look, I think quite a few retailers are dropping in favour of the cheaper lines and the quality is just not comparable (in my opinion).

      I love this new (to me) bracelet - great colour. I've been told by other fans to take care putting charms on and off as they've experienced some damage to their snakeskin bracelets... but as I don't tend to change them around very often I don't see this being a problem for me.

      Mars xx


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