Wednesday 18 February 2015

Spirit in the Sky Braclet & Babylonian Nymph Bangle

I had a burning urge to finish my Spirit in the Sky bracelet, I recognised that feeling, this one wasn't going to go away until I'd fed it what it wanted.  Er, yes, I sometimes have the equivalent of a bead demon on my shoulder... and when it does visit, it doesn't go away.

Time to get to work, I thought I needed a few more beads to finish this bracelet so I duly carried on with my buying pattern.  Turns out it's a really good idea to revisit your actual project (not the image in your head) as I didn't have as much space available as I thought... more than enough beads bought (oops) and it was time to reorganise.

Trollbeads Spirit in the Sky Bracelet (final version)

I mentioned that were a few beads left over but I didn't want to make another complementary bangle as such, as my Spirit in the Sky bracelet will be worn by itself, and besides, the beads I had left were small and beautiful versions, i.e. super tiny!  It did however, give me a great chance to use another bead I love but haven't got much use out of yet!

My Babylonian Nymph arrived a year ago, and as much as I love this bead A LOT, it has been relatively under used - I've found previously that the setting is never good enough to show her off.  I think she's finally found her home!

So two epic wrist appendages achieved and all because I accidentally over bought on those navy galaxies... very happy Mars today indeed!

I'm chuffed to bits to have finished such a long term project
and have a beautiful bracelet (and unexpected bangle) as the result.

What long term project do you hope to finish/have finished that makes you happy?


  1. Hi Mars,

    Beautiful bracelet and bangle. if you ever do get bored with them I can offer them a good home!

    I have two long term bracelet designs. one is a disaster that I haven't resolved yet involving the Chinese hidden zodiac beads - got the set, can't find glass/stones I can settle on. thinking of yellow hematites, but need 10 or 12 so will think a bit more!

    Other has a happy ending. 2 sets of kimono beads I've had for over 2 years, and now Alex C beads finally ordered. so as long as the image in my head matches the reality when they arrive that's a tick in the box for a finished project.


    1. Thanks! There are a lot of my favourite beads on there, skeleton spirit, blue goldstone and the navy galaxies... oh my the navy galaxies... love these beads!

      The Alex C beads are gorgeous, he's also on my hit list of jewellery designers that I adore but have yet to buy from!!

      I've never been that fussed on the kimono kit but over the years I've come to appreciate what others see in them. My friend Alison made a bracelet where she used doubles of each bead next to each other with silvers in between... loved that bracelet! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

      Fingers crossed what you have in your head matches... I thought I'd got my design in my head sussed but I ran out of bracelet room ;)

      Good luck with your chinese hidden zodiac beads, so frustrating when it doesn't quite work out! I think repeats of beads or colours look nice with similar silvers, all one bead that suits I can imagine would be stunning! I'd love more blue hematites but budget constraints and all that at the moment - am saving up for Trollbeads Easter release!

      Mars xx

  2. Yay on finishing your spirit in the sky bracelet! And it looks gorgeous!! And so nice that your little nymph has a home now! :)

    I have a few long-term projects on the go right now. My zombie bracelet isn't finished yet, but I'm comfortable with the pace that it's going at so my bead demon isn't bugging me about it yet. ;) My bird feeder bracelet is still a bit fuzzy (I don't know if it'll be a complete bracelet, or just a rotating set of beads for a bangle, where the silvers are the same and the glass beads change). I still actively look for beads for it, but I haven't gotten the "must finish it!" itch yet.

    My camper bracelet is probably the one that I most want to finish right now. It's been six months in the making and I haven't made as much progress in getting the beads that I need for it. I have one more navy galaxy on the way (Yay!) so I may be able to get a better idea of what's still needed once I have it. I'd love to finish it before we start camping this year, but I don't know if that will happen!

    1. I love my Nymph, it really bothered me that I wasn't using her... now she's angled so I can look at her when she's on my wrist! I would love if they did nudes for X links, in my head I have a whole Greek Orgy. That might be a step too far for some tastes though!

      Zombie bracelet is such fun, I've never attempted one but it's such a great concept!

      I'm so looking forward to your camper bracelet... especially since we've got our bus I'm getting a whole other perspective on camping... can't wait until we've got the MOT and some other bits sorted and we can get out and about again!

      I'm glad my bead demon has been fed though for now... I've got a few major projects finished recently so I think he's having a rest ;)

      Mars xx

  3. That bracelet is so gorgeous, I want it! :)
    Just when you think starting a project is half the battle. It's the finishing line that gets tough. I have a few long-term projects that have fallen by the wayside. It took me over a year to finish my short film...much longer than I anticipated and there was a point when I felt like the project was going to drag on and on until I lost all of the zest I had for it. Thankfully, everything pulled through. Now, I find myself with some projects that I've been developing for a few months but little progress has been made. I guess it's like that sometimes.

    #atozchallenge Co-Host
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    1. Hi Nicole!

      Thanks for visiting, you've dropped in right at an opportune moment; this is probably one of the best projects I've completed! It took so long because the navy/turquoise/silver beads were so hard to find, made in much smaller numbers so I've been buying as I've found them over the last 18 months.

      Glad your short film has been finished, that must be quite the achievement! I used to house share with a freelance documentary maker years ago, was fascinated by the whole process of how things are put together, was an interesting time for me!

      I usually have several much shorter projects on the go, having a blog makes that a bit easier as I document a lot of them when they're partially finished in draft form so it's like having a online diary of your ideas... which I guess sums up blogging!

      Will pop over to see you later on!
      Mars xx

  4. Oh I love what you've done with the nymph! I struggled to use mine too but recently put it on my canal bracelet with my glass swan and dragonfly beads.
    I really want to get some more birth month flowers - I've got a bit of a 'thing' about making family zodiac bracelets. I managed to get all the 4 zodiac stars plus a 5th to represent my closest friend. But now I've started a chines zodiac combo (got 3), an X chinese zodiac combo (got 2) and would love the birth flowers but only have 1!

    1. Ooh your canal bracelet sounds lovely, more than 10 years ago now we went on a canal trip on a barge, loved the pace of life on a boat! I grew up near a very pretty canal so used to lots of walks along there.

      I confess I have none of the Birth Month Flowers, I like them but only saw 2 on release day and have since moved them way down the list... even they're probably some of the loveliest silvers too! Next time I visit Cambridge I must take the time to look at all 12 I think.

      Obviously the zodiac stars are my little obsession so I have plenty of those, I think I need 1 more garnet one and I'm done, not for any specific project, just that I often like to use 4 on a bracelet of my favourite ones and I only have 3 of those!

      When do you start camping again (and hopefully blogging about where you've been)?

      Mars xx

  5. You do have a great collection of zodiac stars! It took me ages to find a pearl one but got there in the end. We live near Lee Valley canal and go cycling there a lot so my canal bracelet had to be done. I expect to be off camping over Easter - def not brave enough to winter camp although I know a of of people on the forums who swear by it!

    1. Yeah the pearl are definitely the hardest to find now!

      We're starting late this year (given there's a fire in the bus), it wasn't intentional it's just that we're so busy at the moment (and have had a lot of vehicle related headaches recently)

      We had planned to get the bus in for some work later this month as we have a lot coming up once we do get going!

      Mars xx

  6. Hope you get the bus up and running soon! Am contemplating trying to tour up to Scotland and back this summer which is a long way from Essex!

    1. Thanks, she's generally been quite good but having said that she was misbehaving today and took a while to start, hopefully she'll be better behaved tomorrow morning when we need her to start without faffing.

      Wow on the Scotland front, are you thinking of camping on the way up and down? Or just one way or gun it and tour Scotland at a more leisurely pace? Our first big trip is end April/beg May, need to get some smaller runs in first!

      Mars xx


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