Monday 23 February 2015

Yorkshire Beadmaker Event at Sizer Jewellers - Saturday 7th March 2015

Sometimes my timing is rubbish, we finally get a Beadmaker Event in Yorkshire and I'm off to the *wrong* bit of Yorkshire for the weekend!  Whilst I'll be going from East to West, might I suggest everyone else head in the correct direction of North?!

Shop front of Sizer Jewellers at Huntriss Row, Scarborough - photo courtesy of Sizer Jewellers

Sizer Jewellers will be giving you a warm welcome from their shop at 44/46 Huntriss Row in Scarborough on Saturday 7th March, in just under 2 weeks time!

The lovely team at Sizer's have also thought of your comfort on the day and teamed up with a local cafĂ©, nearby Boddy’s of Bar street to provide free hot drinks, a voucher system will be in operation... you'll need to pay for your own lunch though!  

The cafe menu ranges from sandwiches to Jacket potatoes with a large seating area for sitting and discussing Trollbeads!

So now you know where it is, when it is and food arrangements... what's happening Trollbeads wise on the day??

Julie, one of the lovely Trollbeads Lampworkers will be demonstrating and making Trollbeads throughout the day!

As with most beadmaker events you can have your own bespoke Trollbead made for you on the day!

A £75 minimum spend in the shop and an available time slot are required to qualify for this offer, the bead you have made is FREE!

Photo of Amanda making my 2nd beadmaker bead at Cambridge by Mars
I have two beadmaker beads now, one from Sue and one from Amanda...
can't believe I'm missing out on a hat-trick by having Julie make me a third!

Sizer's have already started taking bookings for beadmaking slots for those people who want to guarantee them.  They can take bookings over the phone or via email (contact details at the bottom of the post) but will also be leaving plenty of spare places for on the day too.

The full list of what you can expect:
  • LIVE Beadmaking demonstrations throughout the day
  • Your very own FREE bead made by Julie on the day (Terms & Conditions apply)
  • A selection of rare sought after "Museum" Beads 
  • New OOAK kits
  • Gorgeous GOLD Trollbeads
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Lucky Dip
  • Goody Bags
  • Refreshments 
  • Trollbead Rep Andrew will be at the shop for the day
  • much more!!

There will be lots of offers e.g. the White Jewellery Box for £65 instead of £75 (<--- I love this box)

The raffle and lucky dip will be raising money for the local Marie Curie Appeal and The Snowdrop Appeal (a local charity at the hospital raising money for a bereavement suite for the maternity unit).

Travel, parking and staying over
Their location is fairly central, just an 8 minute walk from the train station (according to Google). Trains run from York and Leeds every hour if you don't fancy the drive (means you can indulge in some bubbly!)

If driving, there are two park and ride stations, the buses from both stop at the end of Huntriss row which is where the shop is, with an even quicker 10 second stroll to the shop!

If driving in to the town, The Palm Court car park is opposite the shop.

The team says if you want to make a longer trip, hotel wise... the Premier Inn is a one minute walk away, it is a new inn and good quality accommodation.  For more traditional hotels, the Palm Court and the Royal Hotel are also good and one and two minutes away!

About Sizer Jewellers
We are a family run business, the day to day running is by myself Carrie and my Husband Andrew.

The team at Sizer Jewellers - photo courtesy of Sizer Jewellers

We will both be in the shop along with our lovely staff Juliet, Christine and Diane.  We are hoping to ensure that it is a fun filled day with lots of conversation, free flowing bubbly and cakes!  Usually a great mixture when selecting beads!

We have a huge selection of beads and have a bespoke display that makes viewing the beads so much easier.

To Book Your Place
Call Sizer Jewellers on 01723 372867 or email

Will you be heading in the correct direction to North Yorkshire on the 7th March?

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