Thursday 26 February 2015

My 1st Karma Bracelet

Time to put the last beads on my Karma Bracelet and actually get it finished!

My last beads: Matt Black Shanghai (far left), silver Cross bead (above), some more stoppers & finally a safety chain!

If you've been following my Karma journey so far, you'll know that, for me, I've been quite restrained in completing my first Karma bracelet.  

After my last splurge I thought I was in need of two more beads and a few more stoppers, but this ended up being two more beads, a few stoppers and a safety chain as I still had too much of a gap on my bracelet! 

My final two beads were another matt black Shanghai bead and a small but highly detailed silver bead called Cross, ironically after buying this bead you could buy it in the sales for practically half price, but those are the breaks, I can't catch all the sales, as much as I might try! 

The safety chain I chose fills up quite a bit of the bracelet, which was needed in my case - you can get smaller, more dainty versions if you need them.  

Here it is shown half on and half off, it comes with a fair bit of rubber inset inside and it's VERY secure on the bracelet (read it needs some welly to get it on there).

Karma safety chain in close detail

So that's it, my first Karma bracelet!!

I'm so pleased that I went for a reasonably thought out design before I started buying.  It still needed a bit of re-jigging, as despite knowing that the Cross bead was small (0.9cm) I didn't appreciate how small it would actually look on the finished bracelet.  I naively thought it would be balanced  by my small skull (which is the same diameter) but Cross looks much smaller due to it's spherical shape.

I have no current plans to add or detract from this design right now.  I chose alternating silver and black beads because in future I thought I could buy 3 or 6 coloured beads and swap out either half, or all of the black to mix it up - a different looking bracelet with just 3 or 6 beads, more affordable if using the beads priced at the lowest end!

Just need somewhere to keep it all! More on that later...

So I know what my verdict on Karma is; I love it!  What's yours?


  1. Love what you've done! I think you are so right in saying you need to think these things out. I didn't and started off with a necklace as thought I had enough bracelets. So I bought 'trios' (2 coloured beads plus one silver) to wear on the necklace. Soon decided I wanted a bracelet - to save money bought the black cord version. Soon discovered the stopper beads are too big to hold beads in place on this and when yuou just have a few they all bunch up under your wrist. So now I'm hoping to get a silver bracelet (wish i had in the first place) and have a bunch of mis matched beads! While i like this look with troll i find it doesnt work so well with karma. Oh well we live and learn!

    1. That sounds like how I started with Troll! I had my path set out by what was available preloved but like to think that I did good with my starting point!

      Yep apart from silver cross being a bit too wee... it's turned out nice and it's a lovely stacker with Story, X and Rebeligion.

      My current bead budget is being saved for Trollbeads Easter, obviously with the proviso that I want to see it in person first before I commit just in case it's too cute for me, but I think I'll like it, it's dragons, what's not to like!!

      However when I have some spare cash I'd love to get a set of coloured beads and something to replace the cross with that's a bit bigger :D Good luck with your Karma journey!

      Mars xx

  2. New subscriber from the A to Z Challenge list. (I've also signed up for the Thomas Sabo & Trollbeads newsletters.)

    Those are GORGEOUS! Let me do this right. Hello, my name is LuAnn, and I am a beadaholic. :O) I haven't done a lot of work lately, but I recently rediscovered books and that takes up a lot of my time. Love the background on your blog (and NOT just because my favorite color is purple). Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi LuAnn!

      Welcome to the blog fellow purple lover, will definitely pop over and have a nosy at what you write :)

      You'll find plenty of beadaholics on here, you're in very good company, slight warning though you may be encouraged and enabled to get more beads than you intended too!

      Mars xx


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