Tuesday 9 December 2014

Spirit in the Sky Bracelet

Themed bracelets have been a relatively steady staple for me this year and although this one has been a particularly long time in the planning; I do feel it has been worth the effort in securing the right beads.

Skeleton Spirit was released as part of the Fall Collection in 2013 and I was there on release day to pick up Lenny, my first, and very thoughtful, head inclined to one side, skeleton.

Trollbeads Skeleton Spirit

This remains one of my favourite silver beads, and Lenny has been to a lot of places with me over the last 12 months; however it was time for Lenny to have some friends...

Friends for Lenny

Recently the US had a 4 for 3 promotion, similar to the old Trunk Shows, and this was the perfect time to buy friends for Lenny, I'd always intended to do this via a Trunk Show, just before they were stopped - so despite my budget concerns I wasn't going to miss out on this promotion, just in case it was a one off!

Really I wanted 8 friends for Lenny, but even I have to draw the line somewhere.  Well for now at least; the original version of this bracelet included 9 Skeleton Spirits.

Over the last 18 months I have also been very slowly picking up as many of the Navy Galaxy beads from the Small/Big & Beautiful releases as I can, this has been a long term project for me and I'm still very thankful for the 8 I've found so far, I've also been backfilling my collection with 7 of the now retired blue goldstone beads once I realised I couldn't afford 8 more Skeletons!

My bracelet is almost ready to go... I've only shown a few friends the progress I'd made at each stage over the last year, but I'm sure they will be equally pleased that I've finished it to this "almost" version, as I've never been satisfied enough to wear it (or indeed blog it) until now - although they did say the other 99 versions were fine...

I had just enough beads, or so I thought, but due to a gap on the 17cm bracelet, I also tried this on a 16cm RBF chain, but it was too tight and didn't look right... what to do?

Another reshuffle, back to the 17cm bracelet, 1 blue goldstone out and 2 Elfbeads to the rescue with the inclusion of of a pair of Midnight Flames and I was good to go.

Spirit in the Sky Bracelet

Of course, if you know me well, you'll be wondering where my complementary bangle is?  Time to pick up that recently discarded blue goldstone and pair it with more Elfbeads, a couple of Stardust Dunes this time and voila!

I still want a few more blue goldstones and navy galaxies (also called navy meteors) to finish this bracelet but I also wanted to wear it now - I shall call this version T minus 1!

Are you searching for any particular beads to finish off a project?
How long would you wait for the perfect bead?


  1. I love, love, love this! The Elfbeads really play so well off the lighter sections of the galaxy beads.

    I'm not looking for any particular beads right now to finish off any of my bracelets. Although, I always say that my bracelets are never really finished. I can't say for sure that another bead won't come along that will bump one out of place! :) I do want to get a few more beads to expand my bird feeder bracelet, but haven't come across the perfect beads yet. I'm usually happy to wait as long as it required, as long as I can make a mini combo on a bangle.

    I started to put together my Christmas bracelets, but feel I'm missing a few beads to complete one of them. So, now to figure out if I change my plan, or try and track down beads to fill the "missing" spaces!

    1. Yes Elfbeads to the rescue, you would laugh if you'd seen how many versions and how many times this has been on and off different bracelets ;)

      I am the same with my other Christmas bracelet, I have one that looks a bit like wrapping paper, but I can't decide whether I'm going to have the splurge I so want on Ohm's christmas silvers... it's a lot for essentially quite themed silvers but I do love them!!

      Still debating so that's at least a good sign!
      Mars xx

  2. I can totally see why Lenny needed friends. Those crossed arms and legs give the skeleton bead an amazing look. Of course blue goldstones and the swirly blues are the best of all possible combinations.

    Lots of times for my stuff I think 'close enough' is as close as I'll ever get to perfect. I love the way you value the individuality of your beads!

    1. Cheers Liz! Lenny is quite a character with his tilted head... I did wonder if any of his friends would be quite so "thoughtful" but they are all pretty "straight on for the days ahead!"

      Such a fabulous design of bead, I was absolutely made up when they released Skeleton Spirit... Spirit of Freedom but with just bones! Perfect :)

      Ironically most of my navy beads are on these 2 combos, but I if I'm going to wear Navy then these are beads to do with!

      Mars xx

  3. I love this bead, not normally found of this type of beads (little scarry... halloweenish) but mine is on a pirate/beach/sea bracelet and I love this little fellow....
    I am always looking for particular beads... it took me ages to gather the complete chinese collection.... and I am so proud of it (and thanks my troll fairies all other the world for it)
    At the moment I'm looking for the magician (for my circus bracelet) but there is no hurry as I build other blet at the same time.... I am sure one day I'll find him
    Much love my dear Mars and thank you to share your passion with us ...
    Pat xxxxxxxxxx

    1. I think that's because it's such a fabulous design (although I'm totally biaised), but I like the fact he works pretty much wherever you put him, but I've always maintained that skulls, skeletons, bats etc are not just for Halloween.

      I'm so impressed you have the full chinese collection, I still only have just the one silver, I did see the full set for sale and it was a reasonable price but I just didn't have the money at the time to buy all in one go. I adore them!

      I've only just seen the back of the Magician recently, utterly fab bead! Will keep an eye out for any bargains for you.

      Mars xx


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