Sunday 2 December 2012

Share a Christmas Card 2012

In the 2011 Share a Christmas Card event 11,690 cards were registered with Trollbeads Universe as being received by fellow trollbead fans, I only became aware of this phenomenon when Pauline wrote about it in her Guest Spot.  

I decided to join in the fun for 2012 and to have my own cards made; unfortunately they didn't arrive until the 27th November, and as I was going away for work the next day for the rest of the week, I posted them without taking any photos for the blog as I was cutting it very fine for the cards to get there in time (and for me to get to the post office before it shut)!  I used the photo to the left on the front of the cards and a personal printed message inside from me.  I also wrote another message inside the card and as a last minute thought added my blog url in case anyone fancied a read!

The 2012 event details can be found here for anyone who wants to still join in.  Essentially you register your details to receive 5 names and addresses from all over the world, you then send those people a Christmas Card (or a postcard) with your message and your unique Troll ID which you receive when you register.  Your name and address will be sent to 5 others who will be able to send you a card too.

When that person receives your card, they will (hopefully) register your card on the website and this in turn gives you a "lottery ticket" for the draws that take place every day from 1st - 31st December 2012.  When you receive a card, you in turn register their Troll ID and you can write them a greeting in return.  The returned greetings and winners are also posted on the website.
So far I've received 2 cards (both from Italy) out of the 4,042 cards received worldwide.  3 of my cards have arrived; 2 to the Netherlands and 1 to Austria.  I pre-registered for the event so was lucky enough to be given 10 addresses in total, so I am eagerly awaiting news that the other 7 have arrived - 2 to the US, 1 to Canada, 2 to Italy, 1 to Germany and 1 to Lithuania.  I'm really pleased I received a name and an address from Lithuania as that is where my favourite World Tour bead designs came from.

It's nice to be able to read the greetings people send each other when they receive their cards and it's fun to see who has won the draws and what bead they are going to receive.  I think of it as a Trollbead Community Advent Calendar that lasts the full month of December!


  1. Very pleased that one of the cards I've sent has reached the US, that's 4 safely received now!

    1. And I received a lovely card from Amsterdam today :)

    2. and another of mine received, in Italy, very happy!

    3. Today's update is another of my cards has arrived in the US and I received another one to me, from the Netherlands. Looking forward to seeing who the winner is for tomorrow and what they have won!

    4. I awoke to the news that the card I sent to a lady in Canada has arrived safely, and when I opened the "Trollbead Community December Advent Calendar" as I think of the event, it was to the news that today's winner from Italy will receive the silver Polar Bear and Family bead from the new Christmas Collection. Congratulations!


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