Monday 17 December 2012

Birthday Penguin from the Christmas Collection 2012

When Trollbeads released pictures of the Christmas Collection 2012 and it contained a penguin bead I knew then that it was destined to find me as a birthday present from my live-in geek.

I can't even remember when or where the penguin theme came from, just that there has always been one. 

A friend of ours who works with animals sent us some photos of baby penguins that were being reared and we later went to meet one of these babies when he was all grown up.  

Live-in geek was very happy and I had to double check the car before we left just to make sure he hadn't snuck Murphy in the boot!  

It's continued over the years and we often get penguin related presents, not ones for big Christmas decorations we have a tree ornament that's a metal winter penguin that hangs from a window handle all year long... and now is a good time to also confess my love of fairy lights; but that happens all year round, fairy lights are not just for Christmas you know!


Sure enough come my birthday we welcomed another penguin into the family.  This silver bead depicting a Penguin and her Baby is beautifully detailed as you can see above, even down to the detailing on the feet shown above right.  

What I particularly like is that the hole for the bracelet has been designed in a sympathetic way to the two penguins so it looks more like a gap between them than a hole.  This does mean the bead sits a little lower on the bracelet at the bottom which may bother those who crave a bit more symmetry on their bracelets, me? I like quirky!

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