Friday 21 December 2012

Artisan Turtle by Christa at Luccicare on Etsy

So, given that I was disappointed not to receive silver Turtles earlier this month I made plans for a replacement and decided to go with Artisan bead maker, Christa Keizer and one of her glass turtle beads.  I was already a fan of Christa's beads having bought my first ones last month.

As much as I like trollbeads glass turtle beads (which can a bit hard to get hold of) I must admit I actually prefer Christa's turtles, the detail on them is incredible and whilst I've been admiring them for a while, it was this fella with his shiny spots that made me take the plunge.

This won't be the last turtle I buy from Christa although I haven't decided on what colours to go for next, if you fancy one why not pop along to her shop on Etsy, there's one just like this available right now, but if you miss it and you can't see what you want, you can always get in touch and ask for your own choice of colours!  Christa is a delightful and talented lady to buy from and very accommodating to her customers, she comes highly recommended from this blogger!

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