Wednesday 12 December 2012

Pieces of Eight

Er, well it was 10 actually!

L-R: The Hare and the Tortoise, Transformation, Big Planet, Sandi, Lighthouse, Berry (small),
Ladybird/Ladybug, Yin and Yang, Porcupine, Scarab

10 lovely silvers all the way from the US... I was doing quite well after the Steffans convention and had no plans to get any more beads, as regular readers will know, every time I say this... without fail, some amazing bead or deal comes along.  This time the trollbead community grapevine rippled directly into my inbox via private message from another collector!

I should just resign myself to my bead habit and not fight it so much! (Not that I've put up much of a fight when it comes to temptation but you should have seen the beads I didn't buy!).  So what was so amazing about this deal you might be asking yourself?  It was a stock liquidation sale, as well as a "Black Friday Sale" on some beads so the prices were super crazy, and just to match the prices I went super crazy and ordered 10 beads!

Several of these beads are wish list favourites: Porcupine, Yin and Yang, Big Planet and Berries (ever since I bought Lock with Buds).  The others were there and just sparkling at me!  Lighthouse was on a special offer and the design reminds me of my time living near Roath Park Lake, which bizarrely has a lighthouse on the lake with a clock!

The Hare and the Tortoise was an error by the shop - as they sent me this instead of Turtles!  I already have The Hare and The Tortoise.  Hopefully I can find a new home for it as I've already ordered a replacement bead...  but more on that another day!

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  1. Today I found a new home for my Hare and Tortoise bead, very happy it's going to someone dear to me who's just starting on their own trollbead journey.


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