Saturday 8 December 2012

Retired pink and other prisms

In my last post, Odds and Sods, I was extolling the virtues of the prism beads, I'm becoming quite the fan as I love their shape, their colours and they are so useful in bracelet combinations.

So when the trollbead community grapevine started to ripple I was all ears; someone whispered that the retired pink prism was available to preorder, I then read all about it the following day courtesy of Endangered Trolls and with more information appearing on Charms Addict I was fully informed.

By then I'd already put my order in!

Scroll forward to early December and a little package went plink through my letter box.  It's everything that fellow trollies have said it would be, it's a lush pink colour with flecks of gold, a mix between pink and purple and has a lovely cloudy effect.  I've shown it below next to the current pink prism, and I'm already wondering if I should have ordered multiples, well at least another one!  I can see why it's been such a sought after bead, I'm very pleased to have had the opportunity to purchase one at retail price.

L-R: Retired Pink Prism, Pink Prism

L-R: Purple Prism, Retired Pink Prism, Pink Prism, Turquoise Prism, Bright Red Prism, Red Prism

All my prisms in a row, lovely aren't they?

I never get why the Turquoise prism is called that given it's half purple and half green?  Ah to answer my own question I went to look it up... describe it as "A mix of blue and green, turquoise has sweet feminine hues, while the darker teal shades add lively sophistication".  I still think it looks half purple... and whatever shade you yourself see, I still desire another one!


  1. I have 3 turquoise prisms Mars and all three are different, most are half and half with the colours, but I have one that is mostly purple, but I love them all, fab photo btw x

  2. Thanks Pauline, your mostly purple one sounds fab!


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