Sunday 30 December 2012

What happened on the way home from a gig...

...or how I can buy trollbeads literally in any circumstances.

Top to Bottom:
Cozy, Taurus, Golden Cave
Last August my live-in geek and I took an impromptu trip to Bristol's Cribbs Causeway on the way home from a festival; so when we made a similar off the cuff detour to Sheffield's Meadowhall to look for more tech on the way back from a gig in Nottingham I should have suspected how this was going to end.

Last time I was in a shopping centre I left a lovely pink hued Golden Cave in the shop, which I've slightly regretted ever since.  So when I saw another one in this Beaverbrooks, even though I already have a regular Golden Cave, I wasn't going home without it.

Actually, this was the second bead I'd picked up... as the assistant had left me alone with the beads whilst she went to box silver Taurus, a bead I'd ignored from the stock photos but really liked when I saw it in real life.

She must have figured this was a good sales technique as I was left alone again and I picked up a Cozy, my first bead from the Autumn Collection 2012 to complete my trio!  What then followed was a game of hunt my till receipt as it wasn't printing out where it was expected to and I had quite a wait until it could finally be reprinted. 

By this stage however my live-in geek had come to find me, and realising the financial danger I was in, he didn't let me look at any more beads whilst the assistant left to hunt my receipt for the second time lest I succumb to further temptation!

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