Friday 3 August 2012

World Tour Global Launch (and prisms and armadillos)

1 short day, (unfortunately not one long month filled with another pay packet) after ordering my June treat, Trollbeads launched their World Tour Global Launch...

Previously World Tour beads (a set of 4 beads that are a collection representing a particular country) were only available in the country of origin.  For a limited period from 15th June 2012 Trollbeads were allowing you to buy these beads in the UK.

I *had* to have my top favourites at all costs (apparently at all costs in our house means using some of your saved up for holiday funds) before the beads disappeared.

I chose my top 4, 3 came from the Lithuania collection and 1 from the Hong Kong collection.  There are others that I want but I still wanted to go on holiday later in the year!

I put these together in a finished bracelet that has been one of my favourite combinations to date, and shows off some of my lovely ooaks along with my July treat which was my foray into purples, prisms and armadillos with purple prism and purple armadillo.

World Tour beads are highlighted.  Anti-clockwise from lock: silver stopper, turquoise striped agate, ooak,
turquoise striped agate, lucky knot, whitecap, cells, lake eye, Lithuania's Bead (a lovely glass bead
representingthe national flag), Baltic Gold (my very first Amber from the Lithuania World Tour Collection),
Dragon and Phoenix (my Hong Kong bead, which is a silver carved phoenix and dragon,
bought because I grew up in Phoenix Cottage in Wales), purple armadillo, purple prism, ooak,
 Mushrooms Family (from the Lithuania World Tour Collection),
milky way, endless, turquoise agate, ooak, turquoise agate, silver stopper, lace lock.

Better detailing on the silver mushroom bead in this photo.
Purple armadillo and purple prism are nestled inbetween, along with 1 of 3 ooaks in this bracelet.

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