Friday 10 August 2012

Purple Flower Mosaic

"Every single bead has its own character.  Each one a separate piece of an exquisite Persian flower mosiac cast in purple with a shiny shadow of diachronic glass" is how this bead is described officially.

It's certainly an unusual bead; it has what almost looks like 3 gaps in the pattern which shimmer in different colours, mine has pinky/purple, gold and yellow/green in each of the 3 sparkly bits - you can see 2 of these 3 in the following photos.

When it arrived I was a little unsure, I was still contemplating it some time later when I started trying it out with other beads... that's when it all made sense.  It plays nicely with my green ooak and compliments my purple prism just right.

Fresh with the arrival of my bargain beads (see previous post) I decided to break up my current bracelet and try a more colourful combination.  I'm rather pleased with the results and I've been able to use some of my favourite silvers with a greater splash of colour today.

Clockwise from Lock: silver stopper, golden cave, ooak, baltic gold, bead of fortune, purple armadillo,
purple prism, purple flower mosaic, lucky dragon, ooak, lilac edge, lake eye, virgo, red symmetry,
lithuania bead, pumpkin, silver stopper, lace lock.

Bead of Fortune in more detail

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