Thursday 23 August 2012

Festival Beads

So last weekend saw me in a (muddy) field enjoying the delights of Beautiful Days, a festival by The Levellers, set in the surrounds of Escot Park.  For me this has been an annual treat for the last 7 years and this was my 8th festival in this little patch of Devon.  2012 was also the 10th Anniversary of the festival.

Although I wouldn't wear my trollbeads normally under such circumstances (too scared of losing or damaging them and never being able to recover them again in sloppy mud!) I did choose the bracelet I would have worn, from the comfort of my B&B bedroom and away from the fray of the field...

I did look for trollbeads whilst I was there as I had the idea of showcasing a collection of festival bracelets worn by others, but if there were any fellow fans we probably all shared the same caution... in hindsight (a wonderful thing) I should have taken shots of the wonderful beads and bracelets that were on show for a rare non Trollbead related blog post.  Maybe next year?

Friday's beads ~ Friday was the day after it had rained incessantly all through Thursday night (we went to the pub rather than on site) and we awoke to more rain; it was a very damp day!  So I chose a very bright and cheerful pink, red and green dress.  My lovely green ooak made an appearance on all 3 days, mostly because it matched beautifully with my wellies!  The sun made a late appearance and we all were a bit red after Day 1, with some folk managing to match the colour of their wrist bands.

Saturday's beads ~ I realised that I don't have any pinks in my collection of trollbeads which is a shame as Saturday's outfit of pinks and purples really could have done with some... so instead I chose to complement the bit of blue in my outfit with turquoise and some more green (to match my wellies). Luckily on Saturday, although there was still a lot of mud underfoot we were blessed with more sunshine!

Sunday's beads ~ Must have been loving my wellies on Sunday as I decided to go with a pale green dress to match!  I reused some of yesterday's beads and added a few bubbles into the mix along with Silver Mountain.  The mud was really drying out today but still sticky in places and we did have a few showers.

My bead choices are often limited as I can't get some of my beads onto my leather bracelet as the metal ends are too fat (or my beads are too skinny in the middle)... one of the 2 smaller ends is also bigger than the other just to confuse things.  I had a few unsettling moments trying to get one of the bubbles off this bracelet when I changed it again to try on some new beads found in Bristol on the way back from the festival (but that's a whole new blog post).

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