Friday 24 August 2012

Autumn Collection 2012 & Wish Lists

Today Trollbeads released their Autumn Collection; I confess I'd already had a sneaky peak via so I knew what to expect, but it was still exciting to see the collection go live!

Unfortunately for me my recent cash splurges mean I need to abstain from any purchases this month despite getting paid today, (yeah right we'll see how long this lasts), as I'd already given in to temptation when the People's Bead Spiritual Collection came out earlier this month (to be blogged), and again whilst we were on holiday (tomorrow's blog post).

This self imposed delay has however prompted me to organise a Wish List especially for this collection.

I've marked those I'd like most, and surprisingly it comes to a nice round 10 beads, just 1 silver this time and 9 of the glass beads.  I don't think I've wanted so many beads from just one collection before... oh wait yes I have, after purchasing 4 beads from the World Tour Collection I still have 10 I wish to collect, mostly silvers this time.

I think I need a pay rise.


  1. How utterly fabulous to stumbled across another bead blogger!

    I wish you all the best with your writing and photography :)

    Kind Regards
    Endangered Trolls

  2. Thanks Victoria for the kind words and encouragement, I really enjoy reading your blog, you craft such lovely pieces!

    Obviously I loved the preview piece on the Autumn collection that I included above, but I also like to see the variety in your beads and the way you tie all this in with other elements; like the nail varnish on the Indigo Kit Review.

    What I find so engaging though is that you write from your perspective on your beads and give the reader your take on things.

    So for anyone reading this comment who hasn't had a peek at I do recommend you go have a browse!


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