Thursday 15 January 2015

Trollbeads Cambridge - A Treasured Invitation

On the 20th November 2014 in Cambridge, a very special thing happened, it may have passed you by unnoticed but you can be forgiven as you're reading about it now, aren't you?  No?!  Stop skipping ahead to the photos, come back, I haven't finished with you yet!  The UK got it's very own concept store for Trollbeads, yes, that's right, a shop which is JUST for Trollbeads, what bliss!

The reason for giving them a particular mention today is that I'm on my way to Cambridge to meet them and lots of other Trollbeads Fans later for a very special evening to preview the Trollbeads Spring Collection which has it's official debut on Friday 23rd January... just as soon as I've decided which bracelet/necklace/bangle I should wear... I may be some time!

Some beautiful photos taken by Trollbeads Cambridge
(obviously I couldn't resist making them into a collage)

Trollbeads Cambridge have a presence on Twitter and Facebook as well as their own website/blogPinterest, G+ and Instagram and there have already been some great beadmaker events, competitions and currently the #Trollbeads30daychallenge running on their main social media sites simultaneously.

Trollbeads Cambridge 30 day challenge

If you're curious you can follow my trip via the Trollbead Troll on Twitter for live updates (you don't need to be on Twitter to see these, just click on the link) and perhaps keep an eye on here for a more in depth write up next week!

What has been your most favourite invitation recently?


  1. Very exciting that you get to go! From what I've seen, I think they've done a fabulous job of the face of the store and really enticing people in and hopefully making new Troll converts ;) And certainly they seem to be engaging with current Trollies. I look forward to following along and living vicariously :)

    1. It was utterly divine, I've had a thoroughly marvellous time!

      I won't spill all the beans now, suffice to say I'm so happy I decided to take the time off from the day job to indulge my "night job".

      Both Trollbeads and Mercy Jewellery were great hosts and it's so encouraging to see the buzz around Trollbeads and them having the attention they deserve in the UK as well as giving an opportunity for collectors and jewellery lovers alike to indulge in what we love best, playing with the pretty things!

      ...and yes a few fell into my shopping basket; although I was very restrained as I do intend to ensure the bus is sorted for March!

      Mars xx

    2. Sounds like so much fun! And glad to read in these comments that you booked yourself another lesson! :)

      Did you also get a custom bead made? :D

    3. Yep lesson booked and paid off, actual date to be agreed but thinking February as I'm quite busy during the rest of January.

      I did indeed have a bead made... it's lovely and I can't wait to see it after it's been cored!

      Mars xx

  2. What a lovely blog Mars ! 💛💙💜💚❤️ so lovely tomeet you see you again soon xxx

    1. Thank you! So fab to meet you in person and watch you at work... in fact it was so lovely that I've also swung by the studio that's nearer to me today to book another lesson ;) xxx


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