Monday 12 January 2015

Elfbeads - A Sensational Launch Offer!

Elfbeads really started to gain momentum in 2014 and it the was the launch of the brand in the US at Great Lakes when I finally decided to join in with all the fun.

Elfbeads bracelet & lock (view is of the bottom of the lock)

4 beads duly ordered to qualify for the amazing promotional offer of a free bracelet, lock and Limited Edition Dragon bead and I was away.

Double helpings of Midnight Flames and Stardust Dunes were ordered and these have already featured in my Spirit in the Sky Bracelet and complementary bangle last month.  However what you won't have seen yet is the middle bead below which was a gift from Great Lakes due to a longer than originally anticipated wait for the order.

My first 4 Elbeads with an unexpected free bead!

I really didn't mind waiting as both Great Lakes and Elfbeads had been very clear that if they opened up the promotion to those online (originally it was only ever intended to be an in store promotion) then the wait could be very long indeed as they promised they would honour all online orders by making extra beads, dragons, chains and locks, no matter how long it took... given how popular the promotion was I'm surprised they managed to meet all the demand before Christmas!  Do you think they actually had to employ real Elves to achieve this?

Midnight Flames and Stardust Dunes in use on my Spirit in the Sky Bangle and complementary bangle.

I don't have many navy beads (they are nearly all on this bracelet and bangle) so it was quite unusual for me to start with the blues, but I adore the Elfbeads blue beads.

My favourite use of them so far is in this Bracelet that was put together by Victoria over at Endangered Trolls using Alex Cramariuc's Octopus.  I foresee there may be a few more blue bracelets in my future, and hopefully some of Alex's fabulous work too!

So what about the Dragon?  Well as you know if you've read Curling Stones for any length of time, or followed my A to Z series, I'm rather fond of  Dragons, so a dragon in glass curled around a bead as a body was definitely going to be a hard one to resist.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with my lovely glass dragon, now called Idris, but I never worry about where beads will ultimately end up... it generally all works out in the end!

Finally the lock and bracelet in more detail.

The Elfbeads system is similar to my Karma bracelet in that you have a hinged lock that closes around the bracelet end, but different in that the bracelet is completely free of the lock (like other modular jewellery systems) so that it's completely interchangeable with different locks, or will be once Elfbeads move on to their next design.

Elfbeads bracelet - beads are loaded on the smaller end and the cap at the larger end stops them falling off.

There is 1 lock design currently, the Elfbeads Treasure Chest.  Mine is clearly in silver... but this has also seen a version in Gold that debuted at the Great Lakes launch.

The lock also has two separate sides to open, the trick is to remember which end the beads come off so you don't open that one first!! (A common issue for charm enthusiasts)

Elfbeads Bracelet and Treasure Chest Silver Lock

There are 2 different ends to the bracelet, the smaller one is where you load your beads on and the larger one stops your beads falling off.

Elfbead bracelet ends in detail

What makes this bracelet and lock system interesting is that the lock completely sits on the bracelet as a bead in it's own right.  I'm really looking forward to what lock they make next!

I'm hoping they'll make some stoppers as well... and I've definitely got my eye on some of their silver beads... but one thing at a time!

Have you discovered Elfbeads?
What do you think - have you indulged, want to, or will you pass?


  1. Hmm - not sure I can go to another brand. It may be stupid but I think I am only going to be a TB collector. I started with Dora and Charmlinks for a short while, but once I discovered TBs that was more-or-less it. I do have one or two artisan beads - indeed one of my favourite beads is an artisan - but I am mostly a purist. Glad you like them though!

    1. My collection is mostly Troll but I like the diversity of many different bead makers.

      I love Idris, my dragon bead, and wish I'd applied for more when the launch was live, but hindsight is a marvellous thing and I was trying to be good and not spend *too* much!

      I'm being a bit careful this monht but I'm sure I'm only going to remain good until Thursday; then I fear temptation will be all too much! Can't wait!

      Mars xx

    2. I know exactly what u mean about being a purist! I was like that for years when Pandora first ever came out. There was no other brand for me, couldn't get enough Pandora charms. But now that Pandora has "changed" designers, I'm left extremely disappointed the last few seasons with the design and fabrication of a lot of their recent charms. I could go on and on and on about my frustration with Pandora..... But now that I've been introduced to ElfBeads, it's nice to find a new collection to get excited over!

  2. Hi there everyone! :)

    I definitely got to the ElfBeads party too late, sadly. Because I never indulged on that awesome promotion u talked about back when u could get the dragons, I'm still soooo upset at myself! Now though, I have a lot of the ElfBeads gradually collecting a few retired ones as well. But I must say, I really keep holding out for me and a cute little homeless ElfBead Dragon to unite together one happy day! :)

    xx Ashley

    1. Hi Ashley

      Well I shall keep my fingers crossed that you get to rehome an Elfbead dragon some day!

      I ummed and ahhed all through the Great Lakes launch as I was really trying not to spend that month but when the promotion was opened up online, and when I worked out the cost even with the import taxes it was still an excellent deal.

      I really like the Sea Devils in the new Elfbeads release, and so glad they are going to Starwheel part of the main collection. Between the launch at Bead Castle this weekend coming and the Trollbeads preview of the Spring Collection I think I may be a bit skint in the coming weeks!!

      Mars xx

  3. So so soooo pleased to see that you're happy with your Elfbeads bracelet and beads!


    1. I am! I'm also really looking forward to seeing the gemstones and some of the new release... would love to see more in person but have been buying from the girls at Bead Castle, so the individual pics are quite good - would hate to buy blind with Elf as they can vary so much.

      Think I may start on the silvers soon! I love Event Horizon and also the new star bead!

      Mars xx

  4. Another problem for me is I haven't seen anything IRL - not even other people wearing them. That might make me change my mind? Perhaps we'll meet one day, Mars, and you can show me! Enjoy Thursday (I am not jealous!!)

    1. I think that will most definitely be on the cards, the only question will be at which event?? I've got an Elfbeads bangle made up that I've been wearing quite a lot, I think that will be shown on here early Feb-ish. But I will definitely bring some Elfbeads to show you!

      I'm really looking forward to tomorrow - just need to decide on what jewellery I'm wearing ;) Will be live tweeting throughout the day so worth keeping an eye on Twitter.

      Mars xx


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