Saturday 24 January 2015

Trollbeads Spring Collection 2015

So yesterday saw the official debut of the Spring Collection from Trollbeads, and as Curling Stones tradition dictates here is my collage made up from Trollbeads Stock Photos!

Trollbeads Spring Collection 2015

As you can see from the size of the collage, it was a mammoth release!  2 glass kits (6 to a kit), 4 new style hematite beads, 1 glow in the dark bead, 2 new leathers, 4 rings, 1 lock and another 23 silver pieces including beads and pendants.  Phew!

I've got the Spring Collection in my hand!!

"I've got the whole collection in my hands, I've got the whole wide collection in my hands..." okay so I actually took this photo at Trollbeads Cambridge's Spring Collection Preview Event, and they were only in my hands for a while... and I'm not holding the leathers or the rings as I'm also taking the photo and I only have two hands... but I hear the song in my head everytime I look at this picture!

Click HERE if you want to see the individual live photos of the collection or to read about my trip to Cambridge.

I'd restricted myself to preorder only 3 beads from the new collection and these were my top picks from the Preview Evening.

Blue Hematites with Path of Life

The hematite beads were simply stunning, I fell in love with the blue ones in particular and definitely needed a pair... actually I need a lot more than a pair, and more colours, but 2 Blue Hematites will do for starters.

The silver bead, Path of Life, is one that I'd not paid as much attention to initially from the stock photos - but as soon as I saw the bead - it went from a not on my list to top of it!

I have a much longer wishlist from this collection and I will tell you all about that another day; for now, I just wanted to show you a photo of my newly arrived, still in the box, lovely new beads!

What are your favourites from the New Collection?


  1. I love love love your collages - they are so helpful to me to sort my ideas out about what I NEED to buy! I guess I need the visual clues....

    I saw the new collection yesterday IRL. It is lovely, but my must-haves are different to what I thought from the stock photos. For me, it is always worth seeing things IRL if you can. I haven't purchased yet but hopefully will be buying Neptune's Promise, Sea Anemone, Cherry Lock, and Life and Love. I also liked the Dodo, Octopus, Ship and Compass.

    1. Thanks Amanda, they help me in the same way, I love working on a visual basis with everything before me in one pic!

      I think IRL definitely the way to go with beads if you can, I loved Spring Leaves from stock photos and IRL at least a couple of those are staying on my wishlist from this collection! The whole collection is definitely getting a nice buzz from a lot of collectors.

      You've picked out some nice beads there, I was musing when I was looking at this collection that there are quite a few beads I probably won't buy for myself, but I like looking at the designs! I could look at beads all day, but as I've been editing photos that's probably what I've actually been doing ;)

      Mars xx

  2. Lovely! Are the hematites going to join Lenny?

    I am still undecided what I will get / if I will get anything from this collection. I want to see guardian of nature in person. I feel it might go well with the tupilaks, but can't quite tell.

    As you said though, there are designs that I wouldn't necessarily get for myself, but I love looking at them! I really like the sea anemone. But I don't do pinks. Or flowers :D I've seen some wonderful designs with the Spring leaves, but I don't know if they'd fit into my designs.

    1. Lenny has had a makeover - but no room for the hematites... but that's another story for another day!

      Yes all the glass were pretty, a lot that I wouldn't buy as they are colours that wouldn't necessarily fit my upcoming projects but the beads/kits themselves are lovely. I'm still trying to buy with less randomness and more thought.

      Spring leaves are tiny, as are many of the silvers - think they will be great with the small and beautiful beads! If I was starting collecting from this release I think I'd find a lot to be happy with.

      The one thing I do know is I defintely want a lot more hematites!!

      Mars xx


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