Wednesday 7 January 2015

New Year's Bead Resolutions - 2015

So it was time to ask myself that question... "What *do* I want to achieve in 2015?"

 2014 in collages

I find these lists really useful throughout the year and it does help focus my mind when I start going too crazy, well in the sense that I might still go crazy, but it's crazy with a purpose!!

This year's list was actually harder than I thought when I sat down to write about it, so I left it and thought some more... you see the thing is, doing this in 2013 and 2014 has helped me so much, that I'm kinda where I want/need to be bead wise.  Well apart from a money tree and an unlimited supply of money to buy everything I love, but this is supposed to be a practical list that I'm resolved to work through and not a wish list.

So as all good bloggers do, I took inspiration from another blogger, Tracy over at Black Boots Long Legs who published hers with a wicked photo (go take a peek if you haven't already...) earlier this week.  Not her actual resolutions, but the idea of keeping it simple!

My New Year's Bead Resolutions 2015
  • To book myself another Lampworking Lesson - I'm going to keep and simplify this one from 2014 and book myself a lampworking taster session.  It's been 18 months since my first (and only) session.  I'm not going to set myself any more than a "1 session resolution" as I want to see if I want to continue any further before committing myself.  Also I need to check out if my shoulder will physically let my right arm be in a position to hold the glass rod.
  • To spend less in 2015 than I did in 2014 - I enjoyed the challenge last year of trying to reduce my outrageous spending on Jewellery, so that I could ultimately replace my ancient boilers with a modern set up.  This year I have a bus to keep on the road, and some other life type resolutions that will need some of my spare cash to achieve.  I'm not setting myself any particular strict way to achieve this, I'd still like to spend plenty!  At the moment it's just a "spend less" goal!

So that's it for now, there are only two.  I may add to these as the year progresses if there's something I want to achieve in particular, but a lot of it will be continuing to do what I've been doing throughout 2014, so more of the same!

Just because there are fewer will not make it any less challenging for me as the second one will be enough to keep me busy all by itself.

January, especially, is a very challenging time in this regard for bead enthusiasts, multiple new collections, in particular I *love* the Trollbeads Spring Collection, Elfbeads official launch at Bead Castle with a new Limited Edition event bead and of course, ever present are the sales!!

So far I've avoided the sales and just picked up 1 bead so far from my project wishlist - the type that you have to buy when you find it, no silly prices just at RRP.  Mind you that was on 1st January so we'll see how the rest of the month goes.

You only need to look as far back to my last post of 2014 to see what usually happens!

Do you set yourself any resolutions, bead or otherwise?  Feel free to share!


  1. Hi Mars! I love your new years resolutions-list. It´s so simple. But I even have less resolutions, I only want to spend less money on Trollbeads, since I caught myself buying more than 1 bead per week, last year. Ooops! ;-)

    1. I've added up the cost in £'s but not the actual number of beads... that might be a step too far for me to cope with ;) Good luck with your single resolution, we'll have to all prop each other up!

      Mars xx

  2. Ah, a money tree would be lovely! But, as you say, we must live in reality!

    I'm glad I could inspire you in part, considering that you were the one who inspired me last time! It's funny how being in a good place can make more work for you. Beads are the only place that I make resolutions these days, but coming up with my two was hard.

    I'm excited to see the results of your lamp working session - I really hope that your shoulder lets you continue. And I hope to see more of your bus adventures too :)

    1. I have some life ones too this year, although I guess getting new boilers was kinda a life one last year too...

      Yes I hope to have bus adventures aplenty, just looking for a garage for my first born, er, I mean my bus, which I am in no way unusually emotionally attached to... a'hem...

      I'm looking forward to book the lampworking session, I think it's going to be later on as the year is already filling up with things to get sorted as well as nice things to do... but that will give me a chance to get some more swimming in and try and get that shoulder more moveable! (It's actually doing really well, it just does really well quite slowly as far as recovery goes).

      We shall see!!
      Mars xx


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