Wednesday 19 November 2014

Charity Raffle to win Trollbeads Ultimate Collector's Case!

In case you missed the wonderful news - Jeffries Fine Jewellers are holding a Charity Raffle for Sparkle (a children's charity) with the prize being the Trollbeads Ultimate Collector's Case!

Charity Raffle to win a Trollbeads Ultimate Collector's Case!!

Raffle Tickets cost just £5 each, you can buy them here and as many as you like for more chances to win, as all the proceeds (bar the PayPal fees charged by PayPal) are going to the children's charity Sparkle.

Jeffries are selling the Raffle Tickets from now all the way through December and the draw itself will be on Christmas Eve and the winner will be announced Christmas Day on their Facebook page and their website.

All details plus the terms and conditions are also on their newly launched website - there's only one drawback...

If you win, you need to either pick this beauty up from the shop, or they will ship it to a UK address, but sadly they cannot ship internationally due to the size and weight.

This case is literally the last one to leave Trollbeads UK HQ, so you're also buying a raffle ticket for the chance to win a little bit of Trollbeads UK history!

Unfortunately the case was slightly damaged whilst in transit to Jeffries, I'm told it's only minor damage on one side but obviously they couldn't swap it for an undamaged one as there aren't any more left to swap it with!

If you've not got an address in the UK, or simply wish to make a donation to Sparkle (there is no minimum amount needed; £1 is just as fab as it all adds up), there is also a button on the Charity Event page for that too if you can spare the change.

Well I've already bought my first raffle ticket; I'd love to win this!

What do you think of the Ultimate Collector's Case?
If you love beads; I'm curious... how do you store yours currently?


  1. I'd love to have one of these but with many draws as the top one... as I can't change my blet once done... I tried no way :/
    I'd love to share a pic of my case... but can't find the way to do it !!!

    1. Thanks for the photo Pat, I love those jewellery boxes!

      (they were the quarter circle Trollbeads ones that stack in case anyone else is curious)

      I'm not sure what my next move is storage wise, I've a definite need to consolidate as my jewellery is spread over several versions at the moment... currently (and unusually for me) I have quite a few made up bracelets so my travel cases which I've customised so that all layers take bracelets are rammed.

      That has eased the space up a little for my loose beads but I'm still well overspilt into "random" storage at the moment...

      It's a never ending cycle! Perhaps I should buy another raffle ticket!!

      Mars xx


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