Monday 10 November 2014

Share a Christmas Card 2014 (Updated)

In the 2013 Share a Christmas Card event 15,122 cards were registered with the Trollbeads official website as being received by fellow trollbead fans around the world.

Last year was the second time I took part.  I decided to make my own cards and these are the photos I used in 2012 and 2013.  It's up to you, you can make your own, use regular cards, use post cards and even use the free cards you can pick up at Trollbeads stores around the world.

I won't show you which of my trollbead photos I've used this year; just in case I get to send one to a reader of Curling Stones and spoil the surprise!

The 2014 event details can be found here for anyone who wants to join in, you can preregister now and there is no cut off date for registering; you can join in at any time!

5 postal addresses will be emailed out to you on the 18th November if you preregister and the earlier you join in and send your cards the more chance you have to be entered for the prize draws that take place throughout December 2014.

So how does it all work? Essentially you register your details to receive 5 names and addresses from all over the world, you then send those people a Christmas Card (or a postcard) with your message and your unique Troll ID which you receive when you register.  Your name and address will be sent to 5 others who will be able to send you a card too.  You can of course stop at 5.  However in previous years it's been possible to register for a further 5 addresses so you can send/receive 10 cards in total.

UPDATED: To register to send and receive 10 cards, you can sign in after your first 5 addresses have been sent, and if you click on the "Participate" button again you will get another email with a further 5 addresses bringing your total to 10 addresses - just don't forget you'll have 2 emails!

When that person receives your card, they will (hopefully) register your card on the website and this in turn gives you a "lottery ticket" for the draws that take place every day from 1st - 31st December 2014. When you receive a card, you in turn register their Troll ID and you can write them a greeting in return.  The returned greetings and winners are also posted on the website.

It's nice to be able to read the greetings people send each other when they receive their cards and it's fun to see who has won the draws and what bead/s they are going to receive. (Updated with links)

If you've never heard of this event before, greetings from 2013 can be read here and 2013 prize winners and their prizes can be seen here.  Last year 7 of my 10 cards were registered on the website and I received 6 out of 10 in return.

For me - it's my Trollbead Community Advent Calendar that lasts the full month of December!

Will you be taking part this year?
If you were lucky enough to win a Trollbead prize,
what would be your favourite seasonal piece?


  1. Yes! I was excited to see the email notification for it come out, and immediately signed up. I think last year was the first year that I did it, but it was fun to send the cards out and see what I got in return. Since I haven't even thought about what my Christmas cards will be this year, I guess I'll be going store-bought (or handmade if I've feeling adventurous)!

    I'd be happy winning something like Snowballs. I'd be very happy winning Lucky Love. :D Or even the Crystal Bubble ring.

    Now, if X by Trollbeads was also doing it, I'd love to win Visible Path, or Slide Ride, or Flash of Light.

    1. Dream list, I would love to win Lucky Love, I really like that one! It would be fab if they included Shooting Stars again ;) But I'd be happy with Holly Bushes and Snowball too :)

      I'm not particulary a Christmas Card sender but I really enjoy taking part in the Share a Christmas Card event.

      Mars xx

    2. I am usually a big Christmas card sender :D One of the forums that I'm a member of does a card exchange each year. When I started, it was at least 50-60 people, but it's dropped over the last few years to about 25-30. So this year I decided not to do the card exchange there. It's been good in one way since I always spent a ton on stamps, but not having the pressure of getting my cards ready for that has kind of left me "behind" in getting them ready for everyone else :D

      Shooting stars would be amazing too!

    3. I'm so looking forward to this, I hope they open it up to reregister for another 5 addresses.

      I'm getting a secret santa box ready for my partner at the moment, I love choosing the "bits" and I've already chosen the bead :) Think I can find room for a Trollbeads Christmas Card in there too!

  2. I just signed up. Sounds like fun! Guess I'll have to work on making a Christmas card. :)

    1. Yay that's brilliant news!

      Lots of people use the free post cards from retailers, their own postcards or shop bought christmas cards, or indeed make their own - it's fun to see what comes through the post!

      Mars xx

  3. Well mine have now flown the nest and are currently winging their way to the United States, South Africa, Lithuania, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands!

    Hope they arrive safely and are registered :D

    Mars xx


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