Friday 14 November 2014

Freaky Friday ~ My Strange Obsession - Harlequins

I bought my first Harlequin unique very early on; mostly because I was trying to match some netural coloured beads I had, and the brown and white swirly pattern seemed to work!

Slowly over the years I seem to have added to this with more harlequin beads.  What's so odd about that you may be wondering?  Lots of people collect specific patterns or styles of beads...

Well the weird thing is that I rarely use them - I seem to be hoarding them for something; only I'm not sure what?

My latest harlequins were from a clearance sale, I do seem to have a random complusion if I like the colours* to pick them up as I meander along my bead buying path.

*There are a lot of fugly sorry strangely coloured harlequin beads out there that I avoid, but one person's fugly strangely coloured is another person's dream bead.

Now that there are a lot more of them I can see a harlequin bracelet happening at some point; I still don't know why I'm buying them in the first place though!

Any strange bead buying confessions you'd like to get off your chest?
Or am I the only one?!


  1. I don't try to understand my bead compulsions. Depending on the price tag, sometimes I just let myself go and buy what feels right. Beads can speak directly to the heart and the head doesn't always need to be involved. Your harlequin beads have a feeling of whimsy and joy. When the right time comes you will be glad you have them.

    1. Thanks Liz, I really do have a strange complusion with this pattern that's different to some others I buy with a purpose in mind. It's also quite unusual as I don't normally buy beads that have a whilte background/foreground.

      I am definitely going to sit down and have a play with these now they've multiplied to this many, see if inspiration strikes!

      Mars xx

  2. LOL ! I am the same with Harlequins. I have 5 and I don't really like them on bracelets or together. They are just this lonely little group in the bead box. I do like the design of them just to look at but they do not play well with others.

    I also went on a mission with the retired stripe of fashion.I went for the first one in a sale, didn't like it much, left it in the box for a year or two and then started buying them up online and a few swaps.....Why? ... I don't know! Got 8 of them now and was forced to do something with them and they do look good together on a bracelet with some large dark wine colored ambers.


    1. Hi Fiona

      Phew, so it's not just me then... and the same obsession! Now that I've declared this to the world, I am going to sit down and have a bead play and see what happens. I love the design of them but I think part of the reason they don't get used as much is that they have a white background (or foreground) and they are quite "busy" compared to a lot of my other beads...

      Now that there are so many I think I'm going to see what a Harlequin bracelet looks like to me.

      Your stripe of fashion bracelet sounds interesting, that was never a bead that appealed to me as I don't have many stripe beads, unless they are the same colours like red stripe but I seem to have mostly avoided them.

      I think for me it was lucky that there are so many colourways I don't like on Harlequin patterned beads or collecting 11 would have been the least of my worries ;)

      Mars xx


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