Tuesday 4 November 2014

Beaverbrooks and Trollbeads Beadmaker Event ~ Bristol 8th May 2014

As I watched my old failing systems being dismantled and saw some good old fashioned problem solving plumbing at work, others were making their steady way to Bristol for Beaverbrooks first Beadmaker Event.

Photo courtesy of Beaverbrooks - Please do not reproduce

Covering an event whilst not actually being there creates an interesting set of problems to overcome, aspiring to be as inventive as my wonderful plumber, I set about the task of how to bring this event to life!

I always love the storytelling element to Curling Stones, so this is how we shall start... tell me your story I asked the Beaverbrooks Team at Cribbs Causeway... What was going on behind the scenes?
The team said "Our biggest challenge we thought about before the event was the size of our store; it is very small and we wanted to ensure that everyone could have quality time to see the beads and soak up the atmosphere."
Debby (the Manager) added "I felt excited, as we had never done anything like this before and we wanted to ensure it went well and everyone enjoyed it!"

 Photos by Beaverbrooks - Please do not reproduce
"On the day itself we got to the store early to ensure we were prepared and ready for whatever the day was going to bring us.  An hour before the event, Trollbeads fans were patiently waiting and peeking to see what was in store for them.  Most of all people wanted to be first to have the opportunity to have a bead made in front of them."

Photos by Beaverbrooks - Please do not reproduce

I have to say that this was the part that excited me the most, there have been a few select beadmaker events since I started collecting, but I've never had the chance to go to one... nor was I this time either despite my lovely invitation... curse my boilers!

However the team at Beaverbrooks and Trollbeads were simply amazing in that regard; as although I couldn't go on the day, they arranged for Sue to make me a lovely bead as if I had attended in person!

Photo by Beaverbrooks - Please do not reproduce
The Beaverbrooks Team continues with the story "Once we opened, there was a real buzz around the store. Everyone raced to be greeted by our team who had goody bags, prosecco and cupcakes ready for them to enjoy whilst they prepared to dive into the exclusive collections which we kept secret." 

Photos by Beaverbrooks - Please do not reproduce

Look what I spotted... it's a good job for my bead budget that I wasn't there, or my plumber may not have been paid the following week!!  P.S. I must also steal the hand model's rings... when she's not looking of course, do you think she'd notice?!

Photo by Beaverbrooks - Please do not reproduce
Beaverbrooks Team remarked "The passion for Trollbeads between our customers and our team was electric.  Plus we have the pleasure of having the lovely Trollbeads UK team here to help and add to the passion."
Photo by Beaverbrooks - Please do not reproduce
"...but this wasn't all, we also had lots of giveaways and competitions, so the lucky ones were surprised to leave with a free unique bead!"
Lauren (Retail Consultant) added "There was an awesome vibe, the enthusiasm and passion were contagious!" 
"Everyone was mesmerised by the skill of Sue's bead making, and the fine details and intricacy she could create, including us.  You'd often find a few people day dreaming whilst watching her in action."

Photos by Beaverbrooks - Please do not reproduce
"Time goes fast when your having fun!" 
"This is certainly what happened on the day.  Before we knew it, we were drawing the event to a close and were all talking about how much fun we had during the day." 
I asked the Beaverbrooks team what feedback they got from their customers on the day; I'd seen the chatter on the forums and pages and knew that the reaction from everyone I "knew" had been really good.  The team collected some of the feedback and shared what they had been told on the day:
"You have exceeded our expectations" 
"We have really really enjoyed it, it's well organised and lots of fun elements to it, well done Beaverbrooks" 
"We have been shopping in this store for years and this is a real treat" 
"Wow... free bead? Really?" 
"When's the next one?"
By this stage I was almost wishing I had delayed my boiler work as I still can't quite believe I missed out on this!

Being ever curious I asked the question in a few places about what people thought of the event who were there.  This is what they told me.

Photo by Beaverbrooks - Please do not reproduce
"I was so excited to have the opportunity of getting a bead made for me.  I left the shop a very happy lady" Tracy
"Some of us met in Cribbs for the beadmaker event in May although not all of “our group” were able to attend due to work etc, as it was on a Thursday. 
We love visiting Beaverbrooks, the staff are brilliant and we are always assured of a great event.  I felt that there was a very supportive presence from Trollbeads UK Headquarters and I would say, from my perspective, that the event was a success."   Angela
"Over the years, I have been lucky enough to have several beads made for me... so I decided after much debate with trollie friends what I wanted, we spent hours beforehand debating our choices! 
However, when I got to Beaverbrooks for the event I changed my mind... as usual it was great fun seeing one's bead being made!"   Amanda Mac
So were there any final thoughts from the Beaverbrooks Cribbs Team?

Photos by Beaverbrooks - Please do not reproduce
"The most important part for us... making our customers happy!  We are as passionate about our customers as we are about Trollbeads, and to hear that our customers really enjoyed it was the most rewarding feeling.

The key to our success was the Beaverbrooks and Trollbeads UK relationship.  We share similar values as companies and were able to unite as one to pull off what was a very memorable event."  Sara & the Beaverbrooks Cribbs team
From all that I heard, and read, and saw from the day and beyond, it seemed to be classed as a big success by all who went, and as much as I love sitting here typing this in a lovely warm centrally heated house... I still secretly wish I'd been able to go!

Photo by Beaverbrooks - Please do not reproduce

Well done Beaverbrooks and Trollbeads UK!

What do you think of Beadmaker Events?
Have you attended previous ones?
What did you have made, and where is it now? 

If you want to read even more about this Beadmaker Event. I will be revealing some of the beads that were made on the blog tomorrow, same time, same place!


  1. oooh - I didn't know you had had a bead made too - can't wait to see it!!

    It was a lovely event :-)

    1. All will be revealed tomorrow, same time, same place! It's been very difficult keeping the bead a secret but I wanted to keep it as a surprise for these posts, my story will be featured tomorrow as part of the Beadmaker Bead tales!

      I'm still slightly in shock I actually missed the event, but now that the weather has turned colder I must admit I would have been lost without the new boiler!

      Mars xx

  2. You've done a wonderful job capturing the excitement, even if you weren't there! I can't wait to see your bead :)

    I went to an artisan event last year, and it was nice. But it wasn't quite as elaborate an event as the one at Beaverbrooks seems to have been. There was no food. And definitely no free beads. I don't think that they had special uniques there either. But it was nice to chat with the beadmaker and with the TB rep there as well. I'd still go to another one if they had another one close to me. :D I just wish I could find some local trollies to go with me!

    1. Thank you.

      I really liked the way this one was organised, lucky dips, securing carved ambers for the event (I really wouldn't have been able to pay my plumber had I gone) and a free bead made for you with a qualified spend of £50 as well as cupcakes and prosecco, what's not to love??

      I know in the UK I've met people who share the passion, there's a lovely event happening in South Wales at Jeffries in Newport at the end of November (Sat 29th - not a beadmaker event) that I'd love to go to but I've got so many (non bead) trips this month that I can't squeeze another one in. You'll have to start converting local people to Troll ;)

      Mars xx

    2. I've tried to covert a few people, but so far no biters ;) My friends are more boot/shoe people. Maybe I need to show them how much less space beads take than boots :D

    3. I often use this comparison between beads and synths... my husband needs a room for his hobby, I just need a small box with rods and softly lined compartments...

      I do like a good boot though, I tend to go from boots to flip flops when the weather changes though as the shoe bit never really grabbed me...

  3. Dear Mars,
    Some people read the news in the morning "Le Monde" or "Figaro" I'd rather go to your blog and enjoy it... It is always fun... full of joy... and you know so well how to tell the story and explain the beads...
    So thank you because every morning I start with a wonderworld and not all the rubbish whic could polute my mind...

  4. Aw thank you Pat, what a lovely thought! Glad it brightens your day :)

    Mars xx


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