Monday 1 September 2014

X by Trollbeads - A Bit of Spit & Polish!

I honestly didn't think my X were that dirty until I started giving them a polish this evening; that was a completely new pristine jeweller's cloth before I started!

Of course once they were all nice and shiny I couldn't resist a few new combinations!

X by Trollbeads bracelet play - new (to me) bronze and silver decorative X links!

I've recently picked up some more bronze single links preloved as well as some silver ones.  I mentioned in the comments of my first X blog post that I thought the Forget-me-knot link is one of the single links that would really stand out and not get lost on a bracelet.

My new (to me) Forget-me-knot X link

It's taken me many months to test this theory; but I think I was definitely right!

I was not overly keen on the direction X went in during the Valentine's and Spring releases earlier this year, whilst I thought the links were beautifully executed and would be great when I decided to branch down a more floral/nature route with X, it wasn't what I wanted to see for the brand at that stage.

The one link I did like from that period straight away was Love Bugs!

My new (to me) Love Bugs X link

We had a wonderful year living in the Welsh countryside a few years back and amongst many favourite memories of that time was the abundance of lady bugs (or ladybirds as we call them in the UK).  We did accidentally bring back a breeding colony of them to Yorkshire... but that's a whole other story!!

These 3 X bracelets are using all bar 1 metal link in my collection, although I predict they may be broken down sooner than is usual because I'm expecting yet another preloved X link, which is currently winging it's way across the pond as I type!

So much for saving it all up for the two new X by Trollbeads Releases!

Flower Cloud didn't make the cut this evening in case you were having problems with spotting the missing link!  


  1. You have a great collection there; I've found it quite tricky to grow mine due to the higher prices of some of the links I'd like. I do have enough blue and black links for 2 bracelets but have to swap over the same silvers to do that! I'm hoping to get the new Royal Skull link from the Halloween release as did buy the skull last year. I've just seem they have a smaller skull link too! Oooooh it's too ,much temptation all round!

    1. I love the smaller skull link, that's on my not written down yet wish list! You can never go wrong with a skull or two!

      I haven't decided on what I'm getting (or not getting) from the new collections yet, I love all the new bronze links and DNA is just about my favourite link so I think that will feature quite high up my list.

      I know what you mean about price though, I bought a lot of my double links when the US were doing a Trunk Style promotion which helped with cost, and now we're starting to see some appear on the preloved markets, so I've been backfilling them that way to make it more affordable. My rubber links I've been picking up here and there and taking advantage of all the specials so I've amassed quite a lot that way, i.e. picked up my silver and one of my bronze locks, 2 single links and free blue and black rubber that way. I love that the rubber is the price it is though!

      By the way the next X post will be up on Friday...

      Mars xx

  2. Hi Mars - I find your photos and your compilations SO useful! It is so helpful to see the sizes of all the links together IRL for comparison. Amanda Mac x

  3. PS Hooray!! - I have been struggling (admittedly not very hard) to write comments on your blog and now I have finally managed it. I'll always put my name at the bottom of my posts so you'll know who commented!! Amanda Mac x

  4. Yay hi Amanda! Thank you so much for your kind words and I'm particularly pleased you've figured out the comments section... isn't Blogger awful for trying to leave a comment?!

    From the Comment as: box below you can use the drop down menu to select annoymous and leave your name in your comment, or you can select Name/Url, and write your name in the "Name" section of the pop out box, and leave the Url blank which will put your name as the title (where anonymous is in the comment above... or where Mars is now as I've just commented using this method).

    You know it's going to work because the comment as: box now showes your chosen name plus () so Mars () for me as this comment....

    Really must write a "how to" post on this :D

    Mars xx

  5. Hey - it works!!! Many thanks!!! xx

    1. Yay \o/ <---- that's me waving my arms in the air in celebration!

      Blogger is great in the sense that you don't need to buy your own hosting for your blog, but truly awful system for anyone trying to leave a comment... I *really* appreciate every single comment... I know how hard it is to leave them!

      Mars xx


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