Friday 29 August 2014

Bangles: Orange, Pink or Purple?

A few weeks ago we had an invite to go to dinner with some lovely friends of ours.  Dining out at home is one of my favourite things to do, food, wine, good company and when we can walk there, no arguments discussions about who's driving!

A lovely balmy summer's eve, just right for a rather eye catching patterned summer top I own from the now defunct Principles (original, not it's subsequent reincarnation) in vivid tones of orange, pink & purple!

Of course I couldn't miss the opportunity to make up a bangle to match... only whilst my top has managed to combine these three colours beautifully, that was more than could be said for me, as I attempted to mix the colours onto a bangle!

As I valiantly attempted to get all 3 colours onto 1 bangle, my other half reminded me that we really needed to leave, so defeated I gave up trying to combine all 3 colours and settled for 3 beads that combine just pink and purple, but oh so beautifully, in each bead.

I normally don't blog my "outfit bangles" as they change on a fairly regular basis.

However I realised that not only has my central bead on my chosen bangle for the evening, the Limited Edition "Be My Valentine"  never been worn or blogged before... but the pair of orange uniques on my discarded (but pretty) orange bangle have also never been featured... therefore, unusually, I give you not 1, but 2 of my recent outfit bangles!  

Even if the orange one didn't get worn that evening; there's always another time!


  1. I'm sure that I would have had a hard time choosing between those as well! I love the deep orange beads that Trollbeads does - they are such a vibrant colour. But I can see why you ultimately chose the aurora beads :)

    1. Yep the aurora beads bangle went better with my top, the orange bangle on it's own didn't quite work; I think because it has white in it which my top didn't have... but it's a beautiful bangle, just needs a different outfit ;)

      I really have completely switched my opinion on orange beads from one extreme to the other, strange how that happens!

      Mars xx


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