Friday 5 September 2014

Love - X by Trollbeads

Well as everyone else was gearing up for the new collections, I was going retro with one of the brands, X by Trollbeads!

X by Trollbeads silver Love link

Yep, you've guessed it, a preloved opportunity struck again.  This time it was for one of the larger links in the Collection; Love.

Now I was already *way* past the breaking point on my budget at this stage, but as I've said before, there are just some things that don't come up on the preloved market very often - and big X by Trollbeads links fall into that category.

You have to remember that the brand has still only been around for a smidgen less than a year since it launched last September, so the preloved market with X is still very tiny by comparison!

My plan was to incorporate this in a much more busy bracelet by breaking down the others, however when I put it with just plain links and no lock to try it out I fell in love with Love on it's own!

X by Trollbeads Bracelets

So for now I have 4 X bracelets made up, my randomly collecting rubber links when I have the opportunity seems to be working well; it gives me so many options on more bracelets with a few key links!

My Simply Love X by Trollbeads Bracelet

I still gravitate to the black links by choice with X, despite having two bracelets worth of blue.  I think I have to accept I definitely favour the darker side to X!


  1. Congratulations! That link is on my wish list as well :) The smaller metal links can sometimes get lost among the chunkier black links, but the Love link clearly can hold its own! And seeing it on yours is not helping me with my own budget resolve! :D

    1. It works really really well all by itself! :D

      Yep I'm definitely going backwards with old stuff, I think with the price increases that generally waiting and preloved are becoming more and more appealing.

      I have some bead budget for next month, still trying to decide whether to get new or backfill on some old projects... can't make up my mind!

      Mars xx


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