Thursday 24 April 2014

U is for Unexpected

So what is unexpected about today's post:
  1. It's not about Jewellery
  2. It's a sponsored post as I was given the product as a gift
  3. It's also an advert as I have a reader offer for you
  4. For those who know me, you will be as surprised as I was that it didn't go straight in the bin
What on earth will she write about I hear you ask?

Hello! Magazine.

Yes I really did say Hello! Magazine.

When I attended #HullBloggerMeet we received a large Goody Bag that was provided as part of the meet for the Bloggers taking part.  This contained a range of samples and full sized products for us to try and review if we wished.  One of the things in my Goody Bag was Hello! Magazine.

Now I'm not a magazine person per se, when going to the GP, Hairdresser, Dentist or anywhere else where I may come across random mags in the waiting area; I'm the girl who takes a Kindle so I can read whatever book I'm currently into and avoid all the celeb gossip culture that seems to be everywhere I look.  However between finishing one book and starting another, I picked up Hello! and started to read.

I've never actually read a copy before so I was expecting to quickly flick through looking at the photos out of curiosity and then bin it (in the recycle bin of course).  Actually it wasn't half bad and I found I read the whole thing, especially the articles on Kylie and The Voice... and, I've er, not recycled it yet either.  I'm not going to be buying a copy, however I was (really) surprised by how well it read and I would be tempted to pick one up for a read next time I'm in a waiting room... although that does depend on how gripping my current kindle read is.  I'm particularly precious about my reading time at the hairdressers but I can see my GP/Dentist waiting time being different! 

So if you fancy starting a Hello! subscription or pretty much ANY mag you can think of then read on...

Hello! was provided by Unique Magazinesalso a U... I'm so rocking today's A to Z Challenge!  Unique Magazines are also giving me a reader offer to pass on to all you lovely folk, and yes, it does cover readers from outside the UK as I've already asked that question for you!

Unique Magazines offer a huge variety of different reading, from gardening, to Vogue, to motorbike mags, to computer and hobby mags and my acid test of any magazine service is could I buy a subscription to any of the more obscure ones that my family or friends might read.  The answer was yes!

All you need to take advantage of this offer is put in the code blogger14 to get 10% off the advertised price of ANY* magazine offered by Unique Magazines through their website 

*THE SMALL PRINT - This is a 10% off when you pay upfront for the subscription - it doesn't work if you are opting to pay by Direct Debit as you go along.

The offer is valid if you order before 30th April 2014 - so if you've been debating whether or not to get a subscription to anything, check out the link and have a browse this week!

Hope you enjoyed my Unexpected Blog Offer!  Hit the comments and let me know!

All photos copyright of the respective magazines; please do not reproduce without crediting


  1. I admit, when I'm at the hairdresser, one of the first mags that I go for are the gossip ones :D Although I would say it's for the fashion, not for the "who's with who" gossip. I don't read them otherwise, so they are sort of my guilty pleasure there. Or the home design magazines, although with those I usually balk at the prices they have ($2500 for one lamp? I think not!). But at least some of the storage ideas or "make a small room feel big" ideas can be interesting.

    1. I think a lot of us are magazine readers when somewhere else! I don't know that many people who buy a subscription for themselves, but are quite happy to get one as a gift. It's strange!

      Mars xx

  2. I have a background in fashion, but couldn't care less now-- I'm a book-addict these days. I'm sure your readers would love the offer, however.

    Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2014, My Latest post

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

    1. I had a good dig around the site to check it covered all sorts before writing about it, but like you I tend to read books, even when in waiting rooms!

      I do end up reading the in-flight magazine when I'm flying, from cover to cover though!

      Mars xx


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