Friday 13 September 2013

Pod Bangles!

Whilst I wait for the rest of my Trollbeads order from the Fall Collection, I started playing around with some of the beads I bought on the day.

I initially thought that the Pod beads were a really cool design, however I wasn't sure they were for me and I also thought I wouldn't like the bumps... how wrong was I?  Not only did I come home with these two; I've also ordered more!

Bangles are the obvious choice for quick play as you only need a few beads and you're done.  As soon as I saw the Pods I knew what bead I wanted to try them with first, a yellow and brown unique that reminds me of a Sunflower.

The other beads I wanted to try them with were critters, the pods are so made for ladybugs and bees! 
(And probably butterflies but I don't have any of those)

I couldn't resist trying them out with faceted amber and the new faceted glass, although orange Pod is more yellow than orange to me; it does lend itself to working well with other oranges.

How I eventually ended up wearing my Pods on my bangle...

I'm really looking forward to the rest of my Trollbeads order, this release has been a budget busting collection, never have I wanted and bought so many beads from one single collection!

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