Tuesday 17 September 2013

All Silver Bracelet with Redbalifrog (RBF) Chain

Take one Redbalifrog (RBF) Bracelet, add a Trollbeads Elephant Lock...

Choose a great focal bead, in this case Indian Elephant, and arrange silvers of a similar size either side...

The silvers are all Trollbead, my RBF silvers are still on my Winter Beach Bracelet

Add to Bracelet and Voila!

I've been wanting to make an all silver bracelet for some time now but I've always struggled to get it just right.  The difference this time was using Indian Elephant as a focal bead as it all flowed from there.

I particularly like the little details in this bracelet, such as matching the lock and the focal bead; tortoise and turtle; planets and stars, (literal and astrological), snow and berries; and the big ring on the RBF chain and the large end of the lock balancing each other out, it's a nice touch when using the RBF chain.


  1. Hi Mars,

    Loving your all silver bracelet - although I am biased as I prefer silver to glass bracelets.

    The RBF chain is fantastic and I much prefer it to the TB chain. I always think it's a shame to cover it up and I copied Victoria and got the wonderful RBF Dragon lock and now I wear the lock and the bracelet without any beads on.

    I would highly recommend the Dragon lock - it's a really hefty piece of silver and the detailing is fabulous.

    Best regards

    1. Hi Debbie

      It is an exceptionally pretty chain, I did wear it for a few days on it's own. The RBF Dragon lock is on my wishlist, precisely from seeing it on Victoria's blog which is where I first came across the chain I think! I love Dragons so it's a natural progression for when I get some more funds.

      I've got the smallest length (16cm) but I find it's a bit loose on it's own as I only take a 17cm Troll when I ram it full of glass, so my only worry would be that on it's own with a large lock like Dragon it might be a bit too loose?

      Clearly I won't know until I try but will keep you posted! I agree it's too pretty to cover up all the time... although I confess that although it's not had the snip yet, the tag is coming off. Confirmed with my jeweller I've just not had chance to take it in yet! By the way, I think the tag compliments the design and balances out the big loop beautifully, I'm just personally not fussed on them.

      Mars xx

  2. Hi Mars,

    Wow! You've got teeny tiny wrists.

    I got the 18cm RBF bracelet because I wear a 20cm fully loaded as I like my bracelets a little loose. The RBF bracelet with just the dragon lock is very loose but it hasn't fallen off. I also tend to wear it stacked with my byBiehl or my Pandora leather bracelets so it looks quite nice to have some looser silver peeking through the tighter leathers if that makes sense. I also don't mind wearing loose bracelets but I can understand for some it's annoying!

    I can understand you wanting to give your RBF bracelet the snip! I have left my tag on and it's fine when I'm wearing it plain. I've had a couple of scary moments where the tag has managed to get itself stuck to a bead with a larger core than CC TB glass! I guess it would be ok with a stopper, but I only tend to wear a stopper on the end of the bracelet attached to the lock just incase the lock fails.

    I'm now feeling broke as I've just ordered my first X by Trollbeads! I have a feeling that I'm going to be hooked on it and I haven't yet managed to get any of the original TB Autumn collection - long story but basically I wanted to see it in the flesh and am having no luck in my local area with retailers stocking a decent sized collection. Very sad as Trollbeads is a great product let down by not being able to see it. I do order on line but I wanted to see the pods in person before buying. The pods look lovely on your bracelet with the critters, so I might give in and order a set on line once the bead fund gets over the shock of X and replenishes itself a bit!


    1. Aw what a shame about the Autumn collection! We're so lucky to have Lizzie and her team up here. It makes such a difference to be able to go in and play.

      The pods are great, I've just taken delivery of some more beads from the Fall Collection but it's dark now so looking forward to seeing them in the daylight. My first orange pod was quite yellow, not sure if my second one is more orange, hence the sunlight option! They look amazing with critters and not as overpowering as you first think on a full bracelet. Was hoping for a lot more bead play/writing this weekend but I'm on a course on Saturday and just booked a last minute holiday so need to go shopping for some bits... will get around to some soon I hope!

      I have one rubber X with more arriving soon so I can have a play, hope to be able to get a single silver X designer link to start with for quite a simple bracelet. Luckily for me I love the rubber so it's quite a cheap start up!! What did you get from X, can't wait to start seeing all the combinations.

      Mars xx

  3. Hi Mars,

    My X arrived today, and I am really, really pleased with it. Love it to pieces.

    I cannot get over how light it feels to wear after all these years of heavy charm bracelets weighing my wrists down. Really lovely to wear, and it looks great :-)

    For my first order I got:

    1 x bronze lock

    15 x rubber X

    2 x bronze single and 2 x bronze double links

    1 x Halloween

    1 x All Saints

    I ordered a bit more than I needed for a bracelet so I could have a play. I now can't wait for next month and a replenished bead fund so I can get some more!

    I ordered the bronze to see what it is like, and I do like it - very warm colour because of the copper and it looks good with the black rubber. I now want a silver lock and some silver links, and I've got a huge wish list of decorative links as well.

    I spent £239.50 on the initial order and I think that's very reasonable for a finished bracelet and 7 spare rubber links towards the next one! I think once the rubber/metal links have been bought, it's going to be fairly inexpensive to fund the decorative links to create different themed bracelets. Although of course I will definitely want to stack them!

    Oh dear..... yet another obsession to fund! Happy days!

    Will look forward to reading about your first X bracelet on your blog once it arrives and you've had a play.


    1. I've some rubber links now but probably about 3 short as I want to use it without a lock to start with and I've got one single designer silver link on the way!

      I did pop into a shop to pick up 3 more rubber links but they didn't have any and I came out with a Story Starter bracelet instead so bit of a price difference but a very happy Mars!!

      Your order sounds lovely, I do love the way the bronze looks and I'm hoping they'll do some of the designer links in bronze but I have no idea how easy or not that would be to achieve. I've been lucky enough with vouchers and other stuff for my first bracelet to have worked out very cheaply, once the rest of it arrives that is! (At the moment I can just about do up the rubber links with a traditional troll lock but it's a bit tight), I'm taking the component parts out for coffee today so my friends can have a play!

      Also hoping I can clear some writing time in my schedule as I've received most of the rest of my Fall Collection order, as well as most of X and a Story Bracelet, without even beginning to cover other areas... hmmmm, the day job does limit the writing sometimes ;)

      Mars xx


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